Eurowipes: Innovative and eco-responsible impregnated products

Mark A. Carlson

With N.E.W., the ANJAC Health & Beauty Group subsidiary offers proven active products derived from a formulation that’s water-free, preservative-free, solvent-free and with no unnecessary excipients. As such, Eurowipes offers natural products combining effectiveness and naturalness (up to 100% according to ISO 16128) that are COSMOS-certified and contain minimal ingredients.

Powdered active ingredients are deposited by electrostatic fields in a targeted way onto the product, precisely where needed. In this way, multiple ingredients can be combined and deposited on the product using non-water-soluble active ingredients.

As for all the other innovations offered by Eurowipes, the impregnation medium used remains natural and biodegradable, making it possible to develop end products that are 100% compostable at home.

Through our exclusive partnership with Fibroline, a French engineering company and expert in the development of technologies for depositing all types of powders onto porous products such as textiles, non-woven surfaces, foams and papers, we combine our expertise in “clean” formulations with a dry impregnation process for products that are highly active and meet consumer expectations in terms of sustainability,” explains Virginie Lassagne, Eurowipes Research, Development Projects & Innovation Director.

The environmental benefit of this technology is significant, with a dramatic reduction in water transport and the ability to develop a compostable end product while retaining its portable properties. Additionally, for these water-free and solvent-free products, the use of eco-friendly packaging is now possible (for example, a 100% recyclable cardboard box).

High- performance products at the cutting edge of innovation with multiple applications and uses

With this expertise, the possibilities are endless. Eurowipes already offers two new products:

1. The “Multi-masking” mask: with several active ingredients that treat each part of the face according to its need. The mask is dry-impregnated on up to three areas. As such, the consumer benefits from a purifying treatment for the forehead area, an anti-aging activity for the eye area and a deep moisturizing treatment for the lower face. A true revolution to simplify the beauty routine.

Eurowipes’ R&D team supports its customers in the development of other tailor-made “multi-masking” concepts adapted to their needs, whether for beauty masks or more broadly for health patches for the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Eco-friendly make-up remover pads!

These makeup remover pads use an organic cotton material made from natural biodegradable fibers and are impregnated with active cleansing powders. They’re ready to use and simply need to be moistened with water beforehand. A cutting-edge consumer product: effective, ultra-portable and made with mostly natural ingredients.

With N.E.W. Eurowipes, ANJAC Health & Beauty Group offers a high-tech platform with unlimited possibilities for Health and Beauty products adapted to new consumer needs: personalization, efficiency and portability. And of course, a solid response to high expectations for effective eco-responsible solutions!

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