Frames or Contact Lenses: What to Choose and what is better?

Mark A. Carlson

There are so many pros and cons for both, that one can never be sure what is better in this never-ending battle between contact lenses and frame glasses. If you’re still wondering what to get, you might find some of the facts interesting in this article.

Covid-19 precautions

We’re all faced with the Covid-19 issue. People started shopping online. Pages like Oliver Peoples Glasses sell their products through the internet showing everyone that business and life are possible this way, and there’s no chance to get infected if you shop for their products this way.

But what does Covid-19 has to do with the choice of contacts or frames? It does! Contact lenses are touched by fingers and placed directly in your eyes. That means you need to have contact with organs that will easily transfer a potential virus presence.

If you wear glasses, you won’t have direct contact with your eyes, making it harder for the virus to get inside the eyes. Yes, you might spend enough time washing, but you might fail to be as successful as you should be and leave a part of your fingers intact, allowing the virus to sneak inside.

Shopping for new pairs

Glasses, if taken good care of, will last for years. Contact lenses need to be changed from time to time. They become outdated and shouldn’t be used. That means you’ll need to keep on purchasing new ones. That means you’ll need to either shop online or go to the stores.

Constantly buying new ones will take a lot of money. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s no logic to go and shop in stores, so you’ll probably order a new pair online. That will make more money for delivery, and you’ll keep spending on it.

Style and fashion

Post Covid-19 days are near, but until then, we’re stuck behind the camera on Zoom calls. This is a great opportunity to put on some makeup and change the overall appearance. What you need to do is go through the page we provided, or some of the others similar, and find new frames that will be perfect for a particular occasion.

You can order a few different frames and change them according to the look. This isn’t possible with contacts. No one notices if you wear them. The best option is to get contacts in a different color and change the color of your eyes, but this is not something you can be sure will be noticed by the crowd. If you want to learn how to be stylish by wearing glasses, click this link.


Glasses with frames are a better option. It may be better to get contacts if you’re working in industries that require this, but in most other cases, glasses are the better option. The winner is the framed glasses and this is what you should get. Choose the color and the style, and be sure that you’re making a great choice.

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