Get Smooth Hairless Skin with These Epilators

The silky-smooth skin one gets after hair removal is tempting, but the process of hair removal can be taxing. With so many options available nowadays, it can be difficult to choose the best hair removal procedure. 

We all know that not everything works for everyone, but some techniques are more beneficial than others. An epilator is one of these approaches. An epilator is a hair removal gadget that works on your skin to remove unwanted hair. This device removes hair from the roots, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

If you want to remove hair, there is a method superior to shaving or waxing in every aspect. Friends, the topic here is epilation. A modern epilator is essentially a spinning wheel with several tweezer heads. You activate the gadget and roll it up and down your skin, allowing the tweezers to grip and pull hair from the root. Shaving, on the other hand, just removes hair from the skin’s surface to the hair follicle’s core. By removing the hair at the root rather than depriving the skin of nutrients along with the hair, which is the unfortunate result of procedures like waxing, epilation protects the skin cells. 

An electric epilator removes hair by gripping the follicle at its root with little discs. There is an increase in the usage of epilators for facial hair as the next best alternative to facial hair removal razor.

There are specific epilators available in the market these days. You can choose the perfect epilator for women. Various epilators designed to remove hair from body regions. Examples include epilators for the face, the torso, the upper lip, the bikini area, or the underarms.

The use of facial hair removal epilator has the advantage of saving you from waxing pain and putting extra time and cost into going to the parlour. You can buy epilators online as well as in the offline market. The collection of hair epilators on the market now includes a cordless model as well. 

Health and Glow Recommend This Excellent Series of Epilators by Philips.

Philips Epilator BRE235/00

You may have smooth legs for weeks with the Philips BRE235/00 Corded Compact Epilator. Hair as fine as 0.5mm gets peeled away from the root. Thanks to the flexible grip and washable head, epilation has never been easier. The comb and grooming head give you a close shave that leaves your skin soft and stubble-free. Its rounded shape sits well in your hand and looks excellent when removing hair.

Philips Epilator BRE245/00

You can have silky legs for weeks with the Philips Satinelle Epilator BRE245/00. Hairs as short as 0.5mm are peeled away from the root. Thanks to the comfortable grip and washable head, epilation has never been easier. 

The comb and shaving head provide a closer shave and better softness in various body areas. It offers two-speed settings to remove thinner and thicker hairs for a more tailored hair removal treatment.

Things to Keep in Mind

Using an epilator is hassle-free and not at all difficult. 

  1. Always exfoliate the region you want to epilate before you start to eliminate dead skin cells and ensure a clean skin surface. Ingrown hairs will be less likely as a result of this. 
  2. Because some epilators get used in wet and dry environments, it’s best to choose an electric epilator with features like an anti-slip handle, so you can use it even when bathing or showering. 
  3. To get the best results, keep the epilator at a 90 ° angle and move it in the reverse direction of hair growth. 
  4. Take your time when epilating; proceeding slowly and carefully will get the best results. 
  5. Choose a lotion to calm your skin after epilating since it will reduce redness and hydrate your newfound silky-smooth skin.

Advantages of Epilators

  1. Epilators are harmless and can get used on delicate areas of the body, which is one of their main advantages. It implies you can use your epilator on your face, thighs, underarms, and bikini area, among other places. However, perform a patch test before proceeding with the hair removal procedure. 
  2. One of the main reasons why epilators are so popular is that they make hair removal at home simple and fuzz-free. An epilator is a simple and quick procedure that allows you to remove unwanted hair in minutes. You don’t have to spend hours shaving your arms and legs every two days.
  3. Epilators also provide long-lasting results, which adds to their ease. Hair takes a long time to grow back when epilators remove it from the root. It is why you don’t have to shave as regularly. 
  4. Epilators can remove even the tiniest hairs, making them more effective than waxing. 
  5. Epilators are cheap. Epilators are also much more cost-effective than trimming or waxing because they are a one-time investment. You won’t have to run to the salon every two weeks or spend loads of money on wax treatments if you use an epilator. Waxing and shaving might cause discomfort and inconvenience if you have delicate skin. 
  6. One of the most vital advantages of epilation is that it makes your delicate skin feel considerably better. 
  7. Epilators are softer on the skin than razors since they do not tug or scrape forcefully against them. 
  8. An epilator is a one-time investment that will last for years without additional costs. It only needs a battery to operate, which is a minor cost. Waxing and shaving have ongoing costs, and when added over time, the epilator is the most cost-effective option. 

We don’t wear our favourite clothes half the time because we’re waiting for our hair to grow out. With epilators, however, women no longer have to wait for full hair development because the hair may be eliminated as often as desired, anywhere at any time.

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