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About the time I realized the theme for this month’s Art Things blog hop: Getaway Creations, I was organizing to make a established of kitty cat themed ornaments for a tree for our aging cat.  We have a new glassed in front porch and believed it would be a perfect way to beautify it for the Vacations.  And for ceramic ornaments, it would be risk-free from the elements.

For the previous several decades we have been owning an out of doors tree as an alternative on just one inside of.  We have it out on the deck and beautify it with brightly colored netted hen treats.  It is so fun looking at the birds flutter about the tree and peck at these “dwelling baked” goodies of birdseed and peanut butter.  So this 12 months we have 2 Christmas trees.
For our kitty cat tree, I used cat shaped cutters to slash out the decorations.

They appeared fairly substantial at initial but my clay shrinks about 11 % so they looked a lot better the moment they have been bisque fired.
I utilized two procedures to deliver my cat decorations to daily life.  For some I silk screened on cat drawings (Mayco silkscreens) bisqued them and then extra shade

 and for others I did some drawing into the clay.  They dried actually promptly so by the time I acquired to them to scratch  in some lines, the incisions were not really deep.  To strengthen them I utilized a black underglaze and then wiped it off, bisque fired them

and then hand painted on glazes and fired those to cone 5 ( earlier mentioned 2100 degrees F)

Last but not least I embellished the tree.  

 My kitty cat Xmas Tree

Our cat who impressed me

Thank you for becoming a member of me on this Art Features blog site hop today.  I had this kind of exciting generating these ornaments and decorating the tree.  We get pleasure from it every time we phase on to our porch.

The record of blog hop members is under.  I hope you will go to all of them and delight in their Getaway Creations.

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