My Wedding Beauty Timeline

Mark A. Carlson

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, but before we get to the finish line, I wanted to share with you guys all of the ways that I prepared for the wedding with my complete beauty (& body) timeline.

Let’s be real- the past year has been pretty lackluster when it came to my “rituals”. My brows were a mess, I did a lot of eating my feelings (lol!!), haven’t had a facial in over a year, and really had to get my sh*t together when it came to the wedding. So yah- I really loaded up the schedule with a lot of different things to make sure I am feeling my best and most confident on our wedding day.

That being said, this is just MY timeline. Some of these things you may not want or need, maybe you worked out entire quarantine and/or managed to upkeep your brows. IF SO- you’re a boss. I truly think it’s all about what will make YOU, as the bride, feel your absolute best!! Regardless, I wanted to share with you my journey into preparing for the wedding in case you need a little help planning things out 🙂


EMS Fitness: After months of stress eating in quarantine, the first thing I did to “prepare” for the wedding was get into more of a routine with my workouts. I had like two weeks into quarantine where I hosted gym class outside, but that didn’t last long (hard when the couch is right there- ya feel?). So, it was about time. The thing with me, I have a bad back- so for me to actually workout, I literally have to train… to train. Ya know? My friend, who is in great shape, kept posting about this workout called EMS FITNESS. I asked her about & she said she has an amazing trainer in San Diego.

Her name is Amy Minnick, and her program is called “Fire Snake Fitness” using EMS technology. To sum it up,  your hooked up to a machine that stimulates your muscles & you workout while connected. It enhances your work out, so 20 minutes of cardio or strength training is the equivalent of 3 hours of cardio or strength training. I switch off, so once a week it’s cardio and then once a week it’s strength training. I saw great results quickly, and it’s great because it helped build up my core strength quickly to support my back.

Prolon Cleanse: three months prior to the wedding I did my first Prolon cleanse. It’s a 5 day cleanse that basically mimics the idea of intermittent fasting and is also a really good reset for your cells. I found it to be pretty easy, and it worked. I felt great… and I shed 7 pounds in 5 days! I really love food and hate depriving myself, but the Prolon cleanse was relatively easy! You get a mix of tea, soups (they start as a powder), yummy bars, olives, kale crackers, and a chocolate crisp for dessert.


Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massages: Right before my bachelorette party, I got on a program of 6 full body lymphatic drainage + weight loss massage with Anne at Up Your Body Spa here in San Diego. My session consists of the lymphatic drainage using radio-frequency , laser lipo (I lay on an red light blanket that burns fat), and manual weight loss massage. It’s pretty wild, she literally works magic and massage of inches of water weight! I love it.

Prolon Cleanse: A second Prolon cleanse before the Bachelorette weekend- they recommend do it once a month for 3 months consecutive for the full result!


Melissa Wood Health Workouts: I wish I started this sooner, but I only learned about Melissa Wood Health’s workouts on my Bachelorette & started when I got home (after I recovered from my hangover, lol). I love her workouts- they are short, efficient, easy, & you definitely feel the burn. I aim for 2-3 times a week in addition to my EMS workouts.

Teeth Whitening: I had a dental cleaning set up and made sure they added on a teeth whitening. I have very sensitive teeth so I wanted to do this a month in advance so my teeth could recover, but two weeks would probably be more ideal! I kept up my teeth whitening at home using Lumineux whitening strips– they are my favorite because they are effective and safe for sensitive teeth. I use these once or twice a week leading up to the big day 🙂


Botox/Filler: I made my appointment for Botox & a lip filler touch up three weeks before. I decided at my appointment I also wanted to do some filler in my jawline, cheeks, and under eye’s as well as Botox in my forehead. I filmed a very detailed vlog with all the details of exactly what I did, which will be live sometime after the wedding cause I am just too stressed to do that right now lol…. but subscribe to my YouTube here so you can be notified when it’s up!

Please note, if you’re new to Botox and/or filler, make this appointment a month early.

Colonics: I reached out to another girlfriend who knows all the “hot tips” when it comes to getting in tip top shape for your wedding and she said I had to try colonics. I did, and I booked two more before the wedding (one a week for three weeks!). It was and is a wild experience, but I gotta say- I feel so great afterwards. I will definitely maintain these once a month post-wedding. Read about my colonic experience here.


Brows: I like to get my brows done a little in advance because I get them tinted & they are often pretty dark at first- I think a week will give it enough time to fade to the perfect color. I also get my brows waxed and laminated. I am OBSESSED with brow lamination. It gives your brows that fluffy look & lasts for like 5 weeks. No need to brush up the brow anymore.

Hair: I have my hair appointment scheduled for this Friday & we are going to be doing a vitamin C treatment to clean off all the buildup, a gloss treatment for extra shine (it has a tint of color so it will also even out my hair color!), and then an additional deep conditioning treatment.

Prolon Cleanse: my final Prolon cleanse is happening as we speak! Again, love this cleanse. It’s pretty easy (day 3 isn’t great, but bearable) & it just works.


Nails: I will get my nails/toes done two days before, because I really don’t want the toes to chip. For my nails- gel polish for sure. I need that manicure to last me a solid 5 days!

Spray Tan: & not just any spray tan!! For your wedding, please try to avoid the spray tan booth and go to a custom spray tan airbrush artist. We already discussed my wedding tan, we aren’t gonna go AS tan as I would normally for a vacation, don’t wanna over-do in a stark white wedding dress, looking more for a nice medium glow (& I always have her spray on the illusion of abs, it’s great lol)

Facial: I just had my facial (6 days before the wedding- only cause my girl was booked further out, 3 days would be ideal I think!) and I got a HydraFacial with dermaplaning. HydraFacials are the JAM and do wonders at plumping up & moisturizing the eff out of your skin & the dermaplaning is great to create a really smooth surface for your big day makeup application.

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