Visual Merchandising: Luxury or Essential?

By Ani Nersessian Maximizing profitability is on everyone’s minds, with increasing costs everywhere. While reducing expenses is the obvious step, this is when it is important to think critically about Return on Investments: When reducing the investments, is it at the cost of key returns?   Visual Merchandising is a […]

Luxury Beauty Gift Ideas from Dior

Mark A. Carlson

Sharing one last holiday gift guide with a look at the ultimate luxury beauty gifts from Dior Beauty! I shared a video reel on Instagram featuring four of their gifts and they are so good I wanted to share them here on the blog too. If you’re looking for last […]

Reluxe is aiming to make resale a luxury experience

Mark A. Carlson

Edward BerthelotGetty Images The designer resale market is booming. In fact, according to a recent study, secondhand fashion is predicted to overtake fast fashion by 2030 – and there have never been more or better options for selling and buying pre-loved luxury clothing and accessories. But, because of the nature […]

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