What “Making Magic” Means to Us – Anice Jewellery

Let’s Make Magic: It is painted throughout our Instagram and sprawled throughout our walls some days we toss it about with far more reckless abandon than glitter! But what does “making magic” truly mean to us? It’s additional than just a slogan or a model it’s an plan, an invitation, a probability. In brief, it commences and finishes with you.


To us, creating magic embodies that warm, frothy experience that fills our chests when a buyer arrives in with a little something broken and goes out with a little something whole. By this, we do not suggest just jewelry. Absolutely sure, we can swap misplaced stones or fix a damaged chain but so frequently we locate that when our every-day necklace snaps or we drop a favourite earring, it can feel as although we’ve misplaced so much a lot more than just a thing.


Jewellery (in our earth, at minimum) is a component of who we are. It is the artwork we pick out to lay throughout our skin to announce to the environment “here I am, this is me”. It can be a way to carry what we will need: labradorite on a tough day or citrine when we’re craving the sunshine. It can be enjoyment and playful or a little something that is regular and routine, a go-to. So normally, our jewelry is steeped in the meanings or recollections that we select to give to it. In some cases, wrapping our wrists in moonstones can serve as gentle reminder of us just how considerably electricity we hold. When that necklace breaks or that earring hides, it can really feel like we have shed a little piece of ourselves. It can experience like a link has broken in what was as soon as complete.  


This is even more true when our parts are living legacies to these who have passed. A grandfather’s watch, a mother’s engagement ring, a bracelet from your very best pal – when considerable people today in our life are no longer with us, their favourite jewellery can come to feel excess charged. It can be a potent convenience to continue to be linked to them through the treasures that they wore and loved. If we think of the peaks and valleys of their time in this globe, the items they carried with them by way of it all have so substantially daily life soaked in them. By reviving their jewelry, we just might come across that we can retain their memory alive too.


This is how Anice initially started: as a dream to provide new adore to outdated treasures, to breathe lifetime into factors that could have been overlooked or neglected, the items that may perhaps have grown dusty with quite a few yrs and levels of existence. Due to the fact people several years and levels can wear on us. This existence isn’t usually quick and at times it can go away us emotion wilted or buried. But when we get a moment to sweep off that dust, we uncover that there is usually an abundance of natural beauty and fantastic to function with, it could just will need to just take new variety. For us, it is about gratitude for what we have. It’s about accumulating the parts of exactly where we are and generating some thing beautiful from it.


No matter whether it is a reminder to your self, a story, or a lifestyle that you want have with you, the section of yourself that you convey to us is why we do what we do. We are constantly humbled and grateful when you occur to us with these parts that you maintain so shut. We are humbled and grateful that you trust our arms to cope with not just the jewels but the tales they have with the tender that they deserve. We are humbled and grateful that you select us to bring your dreams to existence.


To put it just, just about every day with you leaves us comprehensive. So, this is our why. This is the issue that tugs us from bed each and every early morning and attracts us into 102 Ossington. This is the explanation we’re listed here, why we do what we do. This is Creating Magic. This is Old Treasures, New Appreciate.


With love,



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