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sustainable running shoes

The manner business is the next most polluting market in the entire world (right after the oil market). Although I’m a big proponent of secondhand evvvverything (for the sake of our sweet ol’ Mama Earth), I do firmly feel that if you have to acquire some thing new, getting sustainably & ethically manufactured, and plant-primarily based is the way to go. 

Now let’s discuss jogging footwear. Zen Running Club not long ago arrived out with classy and cozy, carbon reducing working footwear that are produced from sustainable sugarcane, eucalyptus, and purely natural rubber (vs. synthetic rubber making use of oil-centered resources). Sugarcane shoes, yo – how sweet does that audio!? Does it get any better? Yes. They are even assembled with water-based glues and dyes. 

Every pair is competitively rates at $139 and is out there in 4 colour combos:

Asphalt / Zen Yellow
Snow White / Cantaloupe
Mayfly / Lucite Inexperienced (the pair I’m rockin’)
Traditional Blue / Zen Crimson

These shoes are light, quick, and responsive, with a rocker midsole, functional enough to propel you forward as you operate the trails or simply just run errands. I’ve been putting on these footwear for all the things—workouts, walks, and grocery shops… as you can see, they pair nicely with zebra tights. 😀 They’re ridiculously comfy and sort fitting, and they have a wonderful bounce that make them kinda entertaining to use. 

I’m tremendous stoked that we have vegan and cruelty-free of charge possibilities a-a good deal these times, from meals to style and outside of. Mad props to Zen Jogging Club for making cozy and interesting, significant-performing, plant-dependent shoes that rival their non-vegan counterparts. The foreseeable future is vegan. ♥

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