Building Customer Care for B2B eCommerce Platforms With OpenCart

How to choose the best B2B eCommerce platform to scale and grow your  business? | MENAFN.COM

Simply put, B2B eCommerce, also referred to as wholesale eCommerce, is commerce between individual business clients and business suppliers instead of between a retailer and a single customer (C2C). This type of commerce makes it possible to expand your clientele in ways you never thought were possible. If you have a retail business selling either physical or digital goods, this type of business eCommerce is the way to go. Why? Read on!

The key benefit to b2b ecommerce platform is that they provide easy access to third-party merchants. In other words, you don’t have to build your eCommerce site to let others sell what you have to offer. Instead, you can connect to an existing merchant account. When it comes down to it, integration with eCommerce software allows you to sell your products as if they were physical products, with little to no effort. You may even find that integrating … Read More

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