7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Classes

“Your class may teach an invaluable skill,” says event technology platform, Eventbrite, “but does your marketing effectively prove its value? If your attendance is slacking, a lackluster promotional strategy is likely to blame.” There is tough competition for educational events these days, with endless options for venues where people can […]

Gifts for Him – 2022 Holidays Edition

sequin dress // platform sandals I don’t know about you, but I always need to figure out what to gift my boyfriend and dad for the holidays. They seem such minimalists when it comes to lifestyle, not no mention they stick for years to the brands and products they love. […]

A-Frame Before + After Photos With VELUX

Mark A. Carlson

BEFORE: When we purchased our 1974 A-Frame in the Catskills back in March of 2021, our immediate thought was “how are we going to get more natural light into this space?” We’ve never had this issue before in any of our previous homes, because we have always been super specific […]

Finding Body Confidence at ANY size

Mark A. Carlson

“Body image can be described as a mental image of what we think we look like. Body image is not necessarily how we look, but how we think we look. It is dynamic. That is, body image is dependent on the situation or mood. Body image is developed over time, […]

Size, Weight and Value – One2Three Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson

&#13 &#13 &#13 December 18, 2022 Posted by 12A few Jewelry Diamond carat bodyweight Diamond pounds is presently calculated in carats, particularly 200 milligrams. The word “carat” refers to the unit of pounds of natural and synthetic gemstones, corresponding to 1/5 of a gram. That is, 1 carat equals .2 […]

What Not to Ask – Fifty Shades of Snail

Mark A. Carlson

9/30/2022 note: This article originally appeared on the now-defunct Kalista Edit. At some point I wasn’t aware of, both the site and my article vanished. I’ve edited this lightly and am republishing it here because, well, I wrote it, and there will always be someone who could use it. Want […]

VBR Home Rave: Eco-Friendly Broken Top Candles – Vegan Beauty Review | Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty, Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle : Vegan Beauty Review

Mark A. Carlson

Ooh, how I love taking delight in a gorgeously scented, all-natural candle. Broken Top Candle Co., based in Bend, OR, makes hand-poured, mall batch candles with clean-burning soy wax – a renewable source that’s better for the environment, better for air quality, providing a longer burn time, and gives a […]

Custom Masonic Ring

Mark A. Carlson

Freemasonry has existed for centuries and uses symbols from its origins in the art of building, such as the square and compas that are the most emblematic symbols of freemasonry around the world. These are the basic tools of the builders of the ancient time, when the freemasonry emerged back in […]

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