Brags on You! November 2022

Mark A. Carlson

This blog post is always a favorite to write! It gives me a chance to really recognize all of you who are out there creating fantastic jewelry with the Nunn Design Findings! Thank you. When there are so many options available in the marketplace, we can’t thank you enough for […]

The New

Mark A. Carlson

You guys know I appreciate a great aesthetic & was extensive overdue for a appropriate vibe check. After several years of running a blog, items have changed…. SH*T- I have transformed. As I have advanced by the several years, I have alway desired this area to evolve with me… […]

MUSE launches new Charming Initiative

Mark A. Carlson

The New York-based fine jewelry agency Muse is expanding its charitable charming initiative ‘Have A Heart’ with new brand ambassador Meeling Wong.   MUSE collaborates with a roster of talented designers on a collection of earmarked charms to benefit a host of charitable causes. Philanthropic, fine jewelry-loving, fabulous people act as ambassadors, curating a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Gold Jewellery

Mark A. Carlson

Who doesn’t love the gorgeous glamour of gold jewellery? Its beautiful quality and colour make it the most sought after metal when it comes to jewellery. That said, even gold jewellery won’t do much for you if you don’t consider how to style it. When styling jewellery, some people make the […]

How to Gift Skincare This Holiday Season

Mark A. Carlson

Confident, you can spring for a further pair of socks — but almost nothing provides joy fairly like a skincare gift. Following all, when a given products changes your skin for the much better, it’s only normal to want to share the glow with other people. “Skincare is all about sharing […]

How the Price Waterfall can Increase Profitability

Mark A. Carlson

What is the Value Waterfall? The “Price Waterfall” is a price optimization software (or technique of investigation) that lets businesses to detect hidden expenses. It is applied to work out the ultimate income the firm can take away from each transaction, by using into account all ‘margin leakages’. This features […]

eBOOK: Build supply chain agility

Mark A. Carlson

Optimising the supply chain has been an international focus across industries during the past decade. In recent years, the term “supply chain” has been on the lips of every manufacturer, supplier, retailer – and consumer. Shelves are lacking products, prices are skyrocketing, and the challenges range from input costs and […]

Amazon to Increase Selling Fees in 2023

Mark A. Carlson

On November 17, Amazon quietly announced that third-party sellers that use the FBA fulfillment service will see significant increases to store their products in its warehouses in the beginning of January. Since nearly 60 percent of the items sold on the marketplace come from third-party sellers, this increase is going […]

From Runways to Fairytales – The Alluring Journey of Laura Howell


The journey of Laura Howell is a fascinating weave made of elegant, imaginative, and empowering threads. From her illustrious career as a print ad model, which saw her grace numerous ads, to her cute children’s book, “Book of Angels,” Laura’s life is a testament to creativity and imagination. This article […]

VBR Home Rave: Eco-Friendly Broken Top Candles – Vegan Beauty Review | Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty, Fashion, Food, and Lifestyle : Vegan Beauty Review

Mark A. Carlson

Ooh, how I love taking delight in a gorgeously scented, all-natural candle. Broken Top Candle Co., based in Bend, OR, makes hand-poured, mall batch candles with clean-burning soy wax – a renewable source that’s better for the environment, better for air quality, providing a longer burn time, and gives a […]

What Your Date Night Clothes Say about You

Mark A. Carlson

A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll once concluded that 56% of Americans believe in love at first sight. If you’re on a first date with one of those starry-eyed dreamers, you don’t have much margin for error with your date night clothes. No pressure! Don’t reach for the Xanax just yet. […]

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