303 Magazine Models That Went From Denver Fashion Week To Gracing The Runway In Paris

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From the Denver modeling scene all the way to walking the runway in Paris Fashion Week, Trinity Thomas, Jessica Baumann and Emily Rose Turner were presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. It has changed their modeling careers and elevated their confidence, not only with their progression in the industry, but in realizing that dreams really do come true.

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

Trinity Thomas was born and raised in Colorado. She was immersed in the modeling industry at 22 years old. “I didn’t realize I wanted to be a model until fairly ‘late’ for this industry’s standards. Most models begin in their preteen years, some even in their childhood, but I never even considered the fashion industry until college,” Thomas said.

Thomas started in collaborative shoots with photographers who were local. She was doing print and runway but decided she loved walking the runway more, so she took a chance and started walking in Denver fashion shows.

The first show Thomas walked in was Red Ball Denver, in November 2017. “I walked for bridal designer Tara Hari Couture, which couldn’t have given me a better introduction to this industry; she was so kind, talented, and easy-going,” Thomas said.

When Thomas booked her first modeling gig she was in shock. “I remember looking at myself in the mirror and saying, ‘well … you can’t tell people you’re not a professional model anymore because you’re doing the damn thing, girl!’” she said.

There are a lot of emotions when presenting a fashion show and for the models, it’s no different. Thomas felt a variety of emotions when she walked in her first Denver Fashion Week.

“The thing about modeling is that there is no way to hide how you’re feeling. If you’re nervous, it’s going to show up in those photos or on that runway. So, although I had never done DFW before, I had to act like I belonged there,” she said.

This past year, Thomas went from Denver Fashion Week to walking for Paris Fashion Week. A model reached out to her through social media telling her about a famous designer who was looking to fill a spot for his Paris team and he liked Thomas’ work on her profile. Thomas spoke with the designer himself, Michael Lombard. After that conversation, she was confirmed to attend Paris and walk the runway.

Photo by Bill Lee Photography

“Honestly, walking in Paris Fashion Week was a beautiful reality check for me. I went in under the assumption that I would be participating in a flawlessly executed production full of egotistical people. And to my surprise, it was an absolutely chaotic production full of some very humble, kind people,” Thomas said.

During her time in Paris, Thomas learned a lot more about the industry than she could have ever imagined. She also realized that the Denver Fashion scene is comparable to Paris.

“It was refreshing to know that a) those professionals are ordinary people just like the rest of us, and b) the productions we do here in Denver are executed at the same level as Paris Fashion Week. Like I said, a beautiful reality check on both ends of the spectrum,” Thomas said.

Thomas is not only a model, but she also acts part-time. She has a degree in acting and that is what she would pursue further and make a career out of if she wasn’t modeling.

However, Thomas knows that modeling isn’t going to be an option forever. “I’m not naive to the fact that I got started much later than most models do. So while I love the unique experience of bringing a designer’s dreams to life on the runway, my future in this industry realistically doesn’t involve modeling,” she said.

Thomas is interested in many parts of the fashion industry and hopes to find herself in a role where she can take her experiences and change the industry for the better for the generations to come.

Photo by Dorne Adams

Jessica Baumann was born and raised in Colorado. She’s always wanted to be a model, even when she was young looking at models in fashion magazines. Her modeling opportunity arose when she was offered a promotional modeling gig for Premier Image Agency to do Trade for Print modeling shoots, where she traded her services as being a model for a free photographer and pictures she can use to display her experience. Baumann has now been modeling for ten years.

Baumann’s first runway show to walk was called HFMF Fashion Show in 2008. The show was put on by two sisters with who Baumann went to college with. Baumann went on to walk in Denver Fashion Week for Fall 2017, Fall 2018 and Spring 2018.

“Before the show, there is always a lot going on. My emotions are calm, meditative. I do get excited when the production is done right before they open doors and everything is in place. During the show I am excited, I am ready to show off and always a little bit nervous, but I love the crowd,” she said.

Photo by Bill Lee Photography

In 2020, Baumann got the opportunity to walk in Paris Fashion Week, but she couldn’t make it due to the pandemic. When 2021 came around, Baumann was able to strut the runway in Paris for designer Michael Lombard.

“It was my first time in Paris, and being there during Fashion Week was amazing. I was working as a freelance model and reached out to the designer on my own, sent him my digitals, and have been working with him ever since,” she said. Baumann has walked multiple times for Michael Lombard in New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam and recently, Dubai.

“I never imagined I would be walking in a fashion show in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. I mean I was in the same city as Cardi B, while she was in the same city [for Paris Fashion Week]. It feels like I have definitely grown and I am an experienced international model. I do feel a step up from where I was,” she said.

Photo by Bill Lee Photography

From being a freelance model in Denver to walking the runway in some of the most glamorous cities, Baumann is now represented by two agencies: Pro Model and Talent Agency as a model/talent and Discover Management for acting. “As a freelance model, you can pick up whatever kind of gigs you see fit, but with representation, I have to be more exclusive and go for the big fish. I feel very accomplished,” she said.

Not only is Baumann a model, but she also has many other pathways of creative work. She is often working on graphic design projects, she enjoys photography and videography and she also works as an actress. However, she continues to see a bright future in modeling.

“There is still a lot I have yet to accomplish. Modeling overseas was just one of them. Getting a campaign is up next and walking for names like Betsy Johnson, Givenchy, Paul Gautier, and Mossimo. I love fashion. I will continue to immerse myself in it. Learning about it and contributing to the innovative ideas and masterpieces that arise,” she said.

Baumann’s number one dream for her career in the modeling industry is to have a campaign where she is the mural as an ad and to also be on a billboard in New York City.

Photo by Johnny Edward

Emily Rose Turner was born in the East Bay Area of California. She had wanted to be a model since she was in high school. However, this dream didn’t come to fruition until recently. “My parents had an agreement not to put us into the modeling/pageantry lifestyle until we were adults and could make our own choice to participate,” she said.

Turner made her dream a reality in June 2021 when she began modeling. She is represented by Denver’s Southwest Model & Talent Agency (SWMT). The first show she walked in was Color of Fashion in September 2021.

“I was ecstatic when I booked my first casting! There is just something surreal about the experience of casting and booking for a job,” she said. Turner was nervous at first, but once she was with the designer and the rest of the models in hair and makeup, she found it easy to relax and regain her confidence to walk the runway.

Photo by Ryan Fila

Walking in a fashion show is a surreal experience for Turner. During runway shows, she remains focused and confident to strut the runway. “I swear I go deaf! I don’t hear anyone and can barely hear the music because I just get so focused on walking and doing it right and doing it well! … I can’t hear what people are saying, it’s just me, the person in front of me, and the other models walking,” she said.

After walking in Color of Fashion, Turner was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, to walk in Paris Fashion Week. Another model she knew connected Turner and Michael Lombard and she booked the show.

“After walking in PFW, I feel like I learned so much and have grown as a person aside from just modeling. It was one of the most exciting moments when I saw my face on the cover of a magazine,” she said. “Having international modeling experience has given me so much more confidence in my abilities to be in this industry. I feel like a force waiting to flow through the industry!”

Photo by William Maestas

Turner’s biggest dream is to become a lingerie and bridal print model and to work with household names like Balenciaga, Versace, and Gucci for shows or in print. She is currently attending medical school and she hopes to become an anesthesiologist in the future.

“It is hard to tell what the future holds for my career in modeling/fashion because everything can change in an instant. However, I do feel very optimistic, excited, and eager to broaden my horizons within the industry,” she said.

Thomas, Baumann and  Turner began their modeling careers in Denver and worked their way up to walking in Paris Fashion Week. These three girls were presented with the opportunity of a lifetime where their hard work allowed their dreams to come to fruition. Their futures are bright whether they stay in the modeling industry or pursue other interests of theirs, but they took a chance on their dreams and it completely worked out in their favor.

Photo by Bill Lee Photography

Trinity Thomas will be walking in the upcoming Denver Fashion Week this Spring on April 6th for Tara Hari Couture and April 7th for London Designer, Kolchagov Barba.


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