6 Tips in Buying Wholesale Diamonds in Texas

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Wholesale diamonds can be the best choice if you are planning to buy a diamond. Since their prices are way far more affordable than those of retail stores, there are more advantages. Good thing because wholesale diamonds in Texas are offered by wholesale diamond dealers who are willing to sell one piece so you can buy your diamonds at the most affordable price. So here are tips that can motivate you to go for wholesale diamonds:

Be familiar with the 4cs

The 4cs of diamonds which include color, clarity cut, and carat can determine the quality of the diamond. As a buyer getting familiar with the 4s can help you know if the diamonds you will be offered are indeed worth their prices. Plus when they notice you have knowledge of diamonds they will be honest in telling you the details of their diamonds instead of simply motivating you to buy. 

Know More About Diamond dealers Near You 

A good diamond dealer is equal to a high-quality diamond. Be a wise buyer by knowing whom to buy from. There are several wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas, check the ones nearest you and find out more about them. This way you can choose who will be able to sell you the diamond you want. 

Be familiar with the Wholesale Diamond Prices

Having knowledge of the average cost of wholesale diamonds can be handy when you want to know if the diamond dealer is giving you a good price or overpricing. Plus you can use this to negotiate the price.  

Know their product Availability 

Checking on their stocks can be a good way to measure if they have a lot of clients. If their diamonds are updated and the latest in the market then that means they indeed have a large market. Buying from wholesale diamond stores that have fast-moving diamonds can give you the opportunity to purchase the newest diamond at a more affordable price. 

Check on the Diamond’s Certification 

Certification is the best way to prove the authenticity of the diamonds. So when buying diamonds ask for their certifications. Diamonds from retail or wholesale should be able to provide certification since this is required for them.

Know their Return and Exchange Policy

As a buyer make sure to ask about the return and exchange policies on the diamond you are buying. This can serve as your security since there can be circumstances where you have to return or exchange the diamonds you bought. 

What Are the 4Cs of Wholesale Diamonds in Texas?

4cs stands for color, clarity, cut, and carats. These are the main attributes of diamonds you have to check when buying a diamond. Learn about the different grades of each C so you will have an idea of what diamond would fit your budget or which one matches your preference or the preference of the one who will be receiving the diamond if you plan to give it as a gift. 

How To Check the Certification of a Diamond?

Diamond certificates are issued by legit diamond laboratories. You can verify the certification by checking on the website of whoever evaluated the diamonds. There are reference numbers written on the certificate. You can use them. 

Facts About Wholesale Diamonds in Texas

  • Wholesale diamonds have high quality. They may cost cheaper but it doesn’t mean they have lower quality. They are more affordable for the fact that they come directly from the source, so there are lesser or no markups.
  • Wholesale diamond dealers usually sell loose diamonds which are better choices than those that are pre-set on metals. These loose diamonds are great for customized jewelry. 
  • Wholesale diamond dealers have access to Rapaport diamond reports. This report is a matrix of different prices of diamonds of different sizes, shapes, and carats. This price list shows the average prices of diamonds and they should give a price lower than the ones on the list when they sell their diamonds. 

Hope these 6 tips for buying wholesale diamonds in Texas can serve as your guide in knowing how to prepare yourself before purchasing a diamond. Diamonds are pricey so better be ready before you shop and be able to make the right move to get the diamond at the most affordable price. 

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