Advantages and Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Houston

Mark A. Carlson

People who are obese and in search of a safe way to lose weight will be happy to find out about the stomach lap band and the gastric sleeves, which are popular weight loss options for individuals whose bodies don’t react to normal diets and exercises. Lap Band Houston has become a frequent option for people suffering from severe obesity although it is a non-permanent weight loss treatment, while Gastric Sleeve Texas is believed to provide the same efficient weight loss results although it is a permanent procedure. However, advocates of the gastric sleeve claim that this procedure is better since it requires less follow up medical visits, being more convenient for the patients who can get back to their normal lives within a short period of time. The process of Lap Band Houston is very simple and it does not involve any cutting or stapling of the stomach. The band placed during this procedure is made of silastic which does not react with the internal body tissues and although the results of Lap Band Houston vary from one patient to another, the patient suffering this surgery will be free from many obesity related health problems. The advantage of this procedure is the fact that the stomach of the patients remains intact and the recovery period is relatively short. Unlike other forms of surgery that are a solution for weight loss, Lap Band Houston is reversible but it still presents some disadvantages that you should be aware of before deciding on having this surgery. One disadvantage of Lap Band Houston is the fact that it produces less weight loss than other surgeries which restrict the amount of food you can eat. Thus, a person who goes through a lap band surgery will lose on average 40%of its excess weight. Another drawback is that after such a surgery you won’t be able to eat certain types of food such as corn, popcorn, asparagus, pineapple or other foods that block the stomach outlet and it is recommended that you eat small, strictly scheduled meals.Another frequent procedure for weight loss is gastric sleeving which doesn’t involve implanting a foreign object into your body. Gastric Sleeve Texas will significantly reduce the size of your stomach and at the same time it will diminish the hormones that create a craving for food. Although the digestion and the absorption of nutrients will remain unhindered for people who go through Gastric Sleeve Texas, their stomachs’ capacity will be reduced to about 100 ml. Also, Gastric Sleeve Texas will have a significant impact upon your eating habits since your meal sizes will be diminished to almost a tenth of what you were used to. This might seem attractive to you but you must keep in mind that you might also not be able to consume enough food in order to provide the nourishment your body needs and as a consequence you will have to take nutritional supplements for as long as you live. Gastric Sleeve Texas differs from lap band also in the fact that it is irreversible and once it is done, there is nothing you can do about it. It’s iherb coupon.

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