BeautyStat Cosmetics Is Now Available at Ulta

Every now and then, a beauty brand comes along and stops the internet in its tracks. Whether it’s because of a gimmick or a seriously game-changing formula, some brands have the It-factor that causes them to go absolutely viral on social media. BeautyStat Cosmetics is one of those brands that definitely falls into the “game-changing formula” category. Here’s some good news to boot: It’s now available to shop at Ulta.

Founded in 2019 by cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, BeautyStat produces a range of products with science- and data-backed efficacy—and they have a legion of fans across Hollywood and social media alike to prove it. Robinson has over 20 years of experience in the industry creating products for Clinique, Revlon, and more, so just know that his own line of products has to be good.