Boutique in Scottsbluff caters to women of all ages | Local

They’re also in charge of promoting the store. Instead of traditional advertising, Pout attracts almost all of its customers through word of mouth or Instagram.

Larson is in charge of pricing, and Burkhart said one of the store’s main goals is to keep prices reasonable. That way, customers will want to shop local.

“I definitely think Scottsbluff needs something like this just because we don’t have a variety, really, and I think there’s a need for women’s clothing besides just Target and Walmart,” Celeste Salazar, a customer shopping at Pout, said.

She found out about the store online and said she was drawn in by the decor and selection of clothing.

Construction on Pout began in the summer but there is still some work to be done. A sign for the store will be added in the near future.

Opening the store required a lot of research, Burkhart said.

“When I opened my business as a nurse practitioner, I knew exactly what I had to do to make it financially … here, I have no clue.”

The family looked at potential locations, but many storefronts on Broadway at the time were in the process of being bought. Burkhart said she liked where their boutique ended up, at the intersection of Broadway and East 17th Street, due to it being situated at a corner.