Challenges Within a Female Entrepreneurs Working Environment


Despite women having come a long way in the business world, they are still the victims of workplace challenges compared to their male counterparts. Consequently, this gives way to a constant struggle to survive within the business world, given the daily issues they face. 

Lack of Funds

Unfortunately, not all entrepreneurs are lucky enough to get an investor or a financier for their business. Most people tend to rely on credit cards, bootstrap their entrepreneurial ventures, or even raise capital on their own. Moreover, women’s businesses tend to be the leading ventures that lack the most financial support. It is also quite common for women to get denied loans due to gender and cultural discrimination. 

Prioritizing Responsibilities 

Women working in the business world often have families of their own, so their attention is divided between work and being there for their families. Unfortunately, the demands from both of their lives can pressure women into abandoning their work or their family to preserve the other thing. This becomes very hard for women to deal with – especially when they do not have the social support to help them carry the burden with them and help balance their two lives. 

Fear of Failing 

Fear of the unknown is a significant problem for females working in a business environment who have just started their businesses. This fear can become complex and toxic because it forces a woman to operate her company from a place of fear instead of confidence – leading them to make terrible decisions and not live up to the true potential they hold. What many people are not told when they start a business of how tough it can be and the risks that come with it entail unexpected circumstances – which is why women suffer the most with this particular factor. 

Ginger King – Finding a Silver Lining 

However, just because the situation seems dire does not mean that all hope is lost. Many successful women are working in the industry and making a name for themselves. And most of their success is thanks to the support of another highly acclaimed woman – Ginger King. 

Aside from being an accomplished entrepreneur, Ginger King is a highly acclaimed female AAPI minority who founded Grace Kingdom Beauty and FanLoveBeauty. 

Since its establishment in 1995, King has been working towards creating beauty products from concept to finish. Over the years, she has held several patents in cosmetic formulations; she has developed thousands of products such as skincare, haircare, sun care, and so much more. 

She has also been a keynote speaker for brand launches. She has even spoken at trade conferences on product innovation and development, including HBA and Rutgers University. Furthermore, she has also been on radio and video chat with leading beauty platforms and podcasts, remained a beauty expert for Beauty Press, and quoted more than 35 top beauty magazines, Marie Clair, Allure, Shape Teen Vogue, etc.

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