Colourpop Shadow Palettes Bare Necessities and Stone Cold Fox, Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturiser and Blush Stix More is Better

Mark A. Carlson

ponedeljek, december 19, 2022

Bare Necessities and Stone Cold Fox are my first big palettes from Colourpop, while I got two of the 9-pan palettes some time ago  – That’s Taupe and Going Coconuts. That’s Taupe was my most used palette for a long time and I still like it despite having poorer shimmer shades, but now Stone Cold Fox became my ultimate natural palette. I added Tinted Moisturiser to the cart because of great reviews and a very pale shade, but I’m still not sure it was a worthy purchase.

Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturizer

This has a lot of good reviews and I was drawn to it because it’s said it’s very hydrating, which my skin needs. Colourpop has a lot of shades and I wasn’t sure if their lightest one might be too light for me. Apparently everyone has stopped blogging and there’s few comparison swatches between different brands of shades that would help the poor woman trying to buy a foundation online, but I picked the lightest nonetheless, hoping for the best. It ended up being ok, but actually since it’s a tinted moisturiser and the coverage is low, it doesn’t matter that much if you miss the shade.

Texture: It’s a creamy liquid formula that’s applies like a moisturiser, meaning most of the tint sheers out quickly. My tube has small beads in the formula, I’m not sure what they are (maybe encapsulated hyaluronic acid?) and I find that I need to apply this fingers for them to burst, while applying this with a sponge or a brush leaves those beads visible on the skin. They melt in time, but still applying with fingers is the best method of application – at least with my tube. This is indeed a hydrating formula, possibly suitable for very dry, flaky skin, but I haven’t had a chance to test it on such skin yet (by the way last time my skin was very dry, I relied on It Cosmetics CC). 

Coverage & finish: It’s a tinted moisturiser, so coverage is expectedly very low, though at this formula it is buildable. Building up is slow business because this formula is so hydrating, I need to slowly tap the extra layers on to avoid shifting the product. To build it up to enough coverage to hide circles and stronger redness required so much product, the finish is very shiny and skin feels tacky. Both with one layer and built up for coverage it has the look of no foundation, an actual no-makeup makeup look, but it has the strong glow of a moisturiser. While I tend to love such natural looking formulas, at this one I miss more coverage and I’d pick Bourjois’ Healthy Mix for a similar look with more coverage with far less product and less glow.  

Staying power: The coverage is so low, it’s hard to notice it gone. Overall it doesn’t last that long unless it’s powdered over.

Shade: Fair 1N is a very pale colour with a neutral undertone. It’s one of the lightest shades in my collection, but like I already said above, this formula is so low coverage, picking the exact matching shade is not that important.

 It wasn’t my best buy to be honest. I normally like the low coverage, natural look, but at this product it’s already too little coverage unless I build it up, but like that you can end up with a lot of product on the skin. It is nicely hydrating, so if you need something very low coverage that’s acts as a good moisturiser, this may be worth a look. 

Bare Necessities and Stone Cold Fox

When I got these two, stone Cold Fox was one of rare cool toned palettes by Colourpop (it may still be true knowing Colourpop and their love for warm shades).The two  9-pan palettes I got, That’s Taupe and Going Coconuts, impressed me enough to want to own more of their eyeshadows despite being kind of a mixed bag (Going Coconuts is superior in terms of overall quality). I struck gold with both, as I find these are even better than the 9-pan ones. I like Stone Cold Fox one more than Bare Necessities, which is hardly surprising and it has almost everything I need, though it lacks those green-golds I love to wear

Stone Cold Fox Shadow Palette

There are 30 shades in Stone Cold Fox, ranging from mattes to metallic with a mix of neutral, cool and rosy tones. When I was watching reviews and comparison swatches, some said that Colourpop tends to repeat their colours and if you don’t own any of their cool toned options, there’s everything in this palette – I actually disagree, as That’s Taupe isn’t all that similar to this one. Quality of SCF is overall better than the two 9-pans ones, particularly when it comes to shimmer shades. Pretty much all colours have excellent pigmentation, they are so smooth and blend with ease. There’s many taupe shades in various depths and the shimmers can easily be picked up with a brush (unlike in That’s Taupe) and don’t need much layering on the eyelids. I decided not to swatch it because that ruins the palette a bit and Colourpop has excellent swatches on their website anyway. I’m not the most creative person when it comes to eye makeup, so I quickly found myself in a routine with this otherwise large palette and I stick to a simple combination of about the same four shades every time – I knew that’s going to happen, but I do on occasion wear a more rosy look that can be created with this palette and I surprisingly don’t hate it because rosy shades in this palette don’t pull too warm on me. Eyeshadows last ok on my eyelids, but I don’t have problems with oiliness, so I’m a bad example at saying how good eyeshadows actually are. 

The palette packaging is so nice. It’s made from this almost rubberised-feeling material and it feels high quality. 

I got it when it was 30% off, was 30 € was in the beginning of 2022, now it’s 33,86 €.

Bare Necessities Shadow Palette 

I didn’t plan to get this one, unlike the Stone Cold Fox, which was on my shortlist for a new neutral palette, but Colourpop has free shipping over 60 $, so I added it to the cart, since it’s was 30% off – I’m really glad I did. It’s a warm counterpart to Stone Cold Fox, though there are many neutral shades in it and I can create the type of look like, so not too warm. But even when shades look very similar in the pans to some colours in Stone Cold Fox, on the skin they look warmer (swatches). This palette also has a nice selection of taupe shades that I can use in the crease, plus some rosy tones, but the shades that stand out when you look at the palette are Fuzzy and Genie, which look less warm in the pans, pull very warm on my skin, which is what always happens with such colours on me. Fuzzy ends up an orange copper and genie a yellow gold. Quality of shades is the same as in Stone Cold Fox palette and the packaging has the same almost rubbery feel (the box it comes in has that same texture).

Blush Stix

More is More 

There are several shades of these available, but Colourpop had no swatches when I was picking the colour for me, so I had to rely on bloggers and it was hard to pick which might work well for me. I thought this one is a standard peachy pink, which is usually universally flattering, but it’s a bright warm pink with gold shimmer. It looks very different in the tube than what I get when I swatch it. 

 It’s quite pigmented and I don’t need much for my cheeks. Usually I swipe it on the back of the hand and slowly build it up on the with fingers, otherwise it’s quickly too intense on my pale skin. How well it looks on the cheeks depend on the base, as with Colourpops Tinted Moisturiser, it doesn’t look the best, since that foundation doesn’t look as nice on my skin than for example Too Faced Born This Way foundation. It doesn’t have any smoothing abilities that would make it work well with any base. It lasts like most creamy blushes on the skin – not very long. But these make a good base for a powder blush and they can look more natural than powder blushes, though this shade is a quite bright.

Palette were a fantastic purchase and I’m glad I got them, but the other two products, I could live without, though they are far from bad. 

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