Epoxy Resin and How to Make Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson


The majority of ladies adore wearing jewelry as a fashion item. These are unique tiny accents that help to define our everyday outfits.

Epoxy resin allows jewelry enthusiasts to produce exquisite, one-of-a-kind items quickly. Due to the adaptability of synthetic Resin, there are virtually no limits to design creatively.

With minor included features like flowers, pearls, or glitter particles, the crystal transparent material becomes a real eye-catcher. The following post contains helpful hints and directions, including how to make Resin Jewelry.

The Process of Resin Jewelry

The resin may be used to construct various items, including beads, earrings, pendants, charms, and more, each having its own set of techniques and methods for designers to master. Resin jewelry is created in various ways, depending on the type of jewelry and the design.

In general, the methods entail mixing liquid Resin with a hardener and crafting the desired design and colors. The Resin and other ingredients are usually poured into a mold and allowed to set into the desired shape. The maker will then begin attaching the resin pieces to their jewelry wire or other supplies to make them wearable after they are finished.

How to Make Jewelry Using Epoxy Resin

We’ll guide you on how to make jewelry out of Resin by utilizing molds or casings that act like molds.

 Gather Supplies 

  • Epoxy Resin, Part A and B 
  • Protective clothing: latex gloves, drop cloths, and an apron
  • Plastic mixing spoons and a spatula
  • Jug or cup for measuring (small ones are preferable for jewelry making)
  • Bezels, molds, or casings for jewelry
  • Items for decoration, such as flowers, sequins, or shells

Prep your Molds or Decorations

Make sure you have all of your jewelry on hand. Prepare your bezels, molds, casings, and the flowers or other items you’ll be casting. Various casings will require different preparation forms to make them ready to absorb the liquid Resin.

Add the First Layer of Resin

Two to three layers of Resin are required for little pieces of jewelry. Adding many thin layers prevents bubbles from developing and also aids casting.

Add your Mold or Decoration to the Resin

Two to three layers of Resin are needed for small jewelry designs. Multiple thin layers prevent bubbles from developing and aid casting.

Repeat with More Mold

Wait a few hours before preparing a new tiny batch of Resin and applying a second layer. You don’t have to wait until the first layer is completely solid, but it should be.

Remove From Molds

Remove the resin jewelry pieces from the molds once the Resin has cured (note: the length of time necessary should be specified by your Resin brand).

Add Jewelry Fittings

Assemble your jewelry after the resin-making procedure is finished. Adding hooks for studs or chains and cuffs for necklaces, and small tools and wire for drilling holes in the Resin or casing.


Creating jewelry using Epoxy Resin is a fun and creative activity. This is why Vincent Handcraft introduces a wide variety of Epoxy Resin for you to choose from, to make the best jewelry anyone has ever seen!


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