How to care for your engagement ring

Mark A. Carlson

So, you’ve taken the dive and said yes to that gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring that speaks to your soul. Now, how do you keep it looking as gloriously gleaming as the day you slipped it on your bejewelled finger?

Today, we’re chatting jewelry care – dispelling some popular myths, and sharing our top tips for keeping your rings looking as drop dead gorgeous as the day you bought them.

The Myths

We’ve sorted through your DM’s, IG comments, story replies, and our email inbox to find your most common questions and ring care myths! Keep reading for everything you need to know.  

Myth #1: I need to wear my engagement wear everywhere I go, 24 hours a day

The truth:for a ring to last a lifetime, it needs to be protected from activities that could damage it. Diamonds, gold, and other gemstones are very resilient but they’re not indestructible.

When to take your ring off

Though your ring is a symbol of your everlasting love, show it love by taking it off during activities like:

What to wear instead

We recommend adding a smooth gold band to your stack. This can be the ring you never take off! That way your engagement ring can have a break every now and then. Gold bands are much more resilient than your intricately set diamond/gemstone engagement ring. Scratches on the band can be polished out, unlike diamonds which can’t be easily fixed.

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