Kinds of Tungsten Engagement Rings – You Should Know.

Mark A. Carlson
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While tungsten is much more typically associated with men’s wedding rings, women’s curiosity about tungsten engagement rings has increased with time, and various options are available in the market. Tungsten bands with metal inlays, Plain tungsten bands, and tungsten bands with stone and gem inlays are the three most popular types of tungsten engagement rings.

Tungsten rings are generally made of the valuable material tungsten with carbon atoms added. It will be much heavier than comparable to any rings since tungsten is a heavy metal. But the exact mass will be based on the ring size and any extra elements of the object.

  1. Plain tungsten rings

The most prominent engagement rings are plain tungsten rings, which come in various designs. Grooves, bevels, and etched patterns are some of the style choices for plain tungsten bands. Depending on personal choice, edges may be squared, rounded, or ridged. These options add style and elegance to the simple band, making it more unique. Plain tungsten engagement rings are often the cheapest tungsten alternative and are much durable than rings with metals and stones placed inthem.

  1. Metal Inlay

The other popular form of tungsten engagement ring is one with a different metal inlay or center band. Inlays are often made of platinum, silver, or gold. With other metals inlaid, Tungsten engagement rings build a vivid contrast of color and add beauty to the traditional simple band.

  1. Stone Inlays

With stone inlays, the engagement rings of tungsten are always in trend. These rings allow the buyer to customize their tungsten band with valuable and semiprecious stones such as emeralds, diamonds, and rubies. The buyer has complete control over the number of stones set into a tungsten band. As more stones are inserted, the ring will become heavier, and tungsten is already heavy. The advantage of stone inlays is that they keep the ring’s conventional engagement feel while also adding hypoallergenic and longevity benefits.

Tungsten engagement rings also come in a multitude of colors and finishes. Since the tungsten can be manipulated, rings can be made in various colors, ranging from dark black to light silver, depending on personal preference. Tungsten is also one of the few metals that maintain its luster over time, and most jewelers have choices for maintaining luster.

As the advantages of the tungsten rings are growing more widely known, tungsten engagement rings have gained popularity. These advantages, which come from the tungsten alloy’s properties as a hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant metal, include advanced jewelry longevity and ring suitability for delicate skin. Since tungsten is a high-density metal that is difficult to form, there are few options for people who want tungsten engagement rings and desire something special.


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