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The organic farming industry has experienced a significant change in recent years. Many challenges have been overcome, and others yet remain. 

The pandemic wrought much disruption to food systems throughout 2020 and 2021. The fallout of that turbulence continues to destabilize much of organic farming in 2022. These problems are likely to persist into 2023 as well. 

That said, the minds and workers in the organic farming industry continue to work hard. Though they’re approaching work differently, they’re still endeavoring to produce high-quality organic produce and give back to the local food systems. 

Here are some things to consider about organic farming in the UAE as we move into 2023. 

UAE Government Support is Growing

Organic farming requires fierce investment from the governing bodies. Without the full backing of lawmakers, ambitions around organic farming can quickly fade. 

Fortunately, the Ministry has responded in a series of promising ways. Regular farmers are being incentivized to make a switch to organic practices. Training programs are underway to evolve the UAE’s talent, and practical workshops and lectures are underway to upskill everyone in the industry, from the farmers out in the fields to the engineers designing their tools and machinery. 

Emirati “Organic” trademark is also now in regular circulation, marking qualifying products with appraisal and building consumer faith. Of course, consumers can more easily identify these products, facilitating a change in shopping trends and thus giving organic farmers more popularity, purpose, and trade. Ultimately, the government provides more than conjecture, and pragmatic changes are being incurred from top to bottom in the industry. 

Demand is Increasing

Of course, not just rules and regulations determine how farming evolves. Consumer demand shapes things, too, as does business interest. 

Because of organic farming, establishments can provide organic dining experiences to the masses. These developments can also influence the provision of organic supplements, skincare products, household cleaning products, and cosmetic products. It’s the best way for businesses to be innovative and appeal to what they offer. 

After all, consumers have set higher demands for the firms they do business with. People in the UAE, and indeed worldwide, want to lead more eco-conscious lives and shop with brands that protect the planet more. As these values become more commonly shared, regular farmers will feel a growing incentive to be part of that change and switch to organic practices. 

The Future is Promising

The UAE is moving from strength to strength in organic farming. These changes should create excellent conditions for aspirational startups to materialize and pioneer the future. 

Though the demand for organic food is building, demand far outweighs supply. The UAE is even importing organic products from overseas, but it’s to be hoped that local produce can be sold in farmer’s markets shortly. Therefore, any enterprising farmer that immerges in the market will surely stand to gain a great deal. 

Awareness campaigns are also underway in the UAE, highlighting how important organic farming is to the future of local and international communities. Ultimately, the organic farming industry is on the precipice of great change, and though things could be better today, they’re very likely to be in the coming weeks, months, and years. 

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