Prime Day Tips, Strategies, and Reminders

Mark A. Carlson

1. The Cost of PPC Campaigns Are Astronomical

Amazon’s Prime Day brings millions of customers to Amazon looking for savings, and it also brings out plenty of competition among sellers fighting for those customers. This means that your normal PPC campaigns will almost certainly be affected, especially in the more competitive keywords where some sellers might be increasing their budget for the event.

Unfortunately, advertising costs have grown exponentially. Of the first 20 products a shopper sees, only four are organic results. Costs have risen so high.

Carefully consider your PPC strategies leading up to Prime Day so that you aren’t caught off guard without a plan or a budget. In some cases, especially for your best-selling and highest-margin items, it may be worth it to pay the extra money to stay competitive for your highest-performing keywords. But in other instances, you may be better off reallocating your advertising funds into other keywords or different products. Test different options out in the weeks leading up to Prime Day so that you can see what PPC strategies are most likely to increase sales in advance.

2. Confirm That All of Your Listings Are Optimized

You only get one shot at a first impression, and that first impression is going to be pretty important considering how many of them you will be making on Prime Day. Any important keyword that you leave out of your title or a confusing picture may lead to dozens or even hundreds of potential customers clicking on a competitor’s listing instead of yours. And when they have clicked on your listing, any confusion in the description or issues with the product page could lead them to buy from a competitor instead of you.

Occasionally scanning through your listings for any imperfections or areas for improvement is a good habit to get into anyway. Prime Day coming up gives you a great reason to do so across your entire Amazon store.

3. Consider Including Product Inserts in Your Packaging

Including product inserts in your Amazon products is a great way to market your brand and take advantage of the increase in sales that you will experience on Prime Day 2021. By including information about how your customer can reach you or a coupon for their next purchase, you can separate yourself from other brands, generate more product reviews and convert more of your buyers into repeat customers.

4. Price Your Products to Compete

Prime Day is all about savings from the consumer’s perspective. Obviously turning a profit is always the goal from the seller’s perspective, but on Prime Day there can be a strong case made for quantity over quality of sales. Generating a large number of sales with competitive pricing may cut into your short-term ROI, but the product reviews, brand recognition, and product ranking boost you receive from these sales will pay dividends in the long run. Keep close tabs on how your top competitors are pricing their products and make sure to stay competitive with them on products that you can afford to do so.

5. Advertise and Promote on Non-Amazon Platforms

There is no better time to use advertising and social media promotions than Prime Day. The holidays are a great time to use these tools too, but during the fourth quarter, you are competing with all retail stores. Since Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon, many sellers focus their entire advertising budgets on PPC campaigns. Instead, some savvy sellers use other tools like Facebook Advertising or discounts on social media to drive traffic to their product listings. Sidestep competitive Amazon PPC bidding wars and experiment with offsite ads that funnel customers directly to your product listings and seller store.

Don’t make the mistake of focusing all of your energy on your best-selling and most relevant items. Prime Day 2022 offers a great opportunity to target bargain hunters and unload some of your less popular or out-of-season items, sell your designs on Amazon can be one of the top most easiest methods to start your amazon business.

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