Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson

Both men and women love jewelry, not to mention the ones with semi-precious stones or special crystals, as they add color and personality to their everyday outfits.

Vintage and antique jewelry will never go out of style, they will forever be appreciated for their elegance and timeless craftsmanship, so you should definitely buy the ones that best highlight your beauty and character. Furthermore, wearing silver accessories is really good for your health.

Styles of yesterday inspire the new styles of today. Adding antiques to your personal collection has numerous advantages. Nowadays we are starved of the genuine beauty of craftsmanship that our predecessors were able to enjoy on a daily basis. With well picked antique or vintage piece you are getting something original, rare, and made with outstanding care.
diamond enamel brooches
Since Renaissance up to about beginning of XXth century artisans in every profession would hone their skills endlessly to ensure quality and aesthetics of each item they produced. 

Vintage and antique jewelry will never go out of style because of its historical value, outstanding workmanship. Elegant aesthetics secure it a place in the world of fashion for decades to come, making for a good investment as well.

The Quality of Antique & Vintage Jewelry 

Fine jewelry stands the test of time. The materials used are naturally designed to last. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship of vintage and antique fine jewelry holds its value and there’s no compromise on the quality or beauty of the each piece. These are items you will want to wear often and for years and years to come. 


Antique Gold Enamel Brooch Decorated with Diamonds 

Antique and vintage jewels were made by highly-skilled craftsmen who took their time, often creating intricate and unique pieces. This is evident in the high standard of workmanship we see in antique and vintage jewelry, which is more delicate and refined than most of the pieces that are produced today.

Buying vintage fine jewelry is the most sustainable way there is, when it comes to jewelry purchases. It resolves the three most environmentally harmful aspects of contemporary jewelry production. 

Industrial size jewelry mining – for precious metal or precious gemstones and diamonds – has a number of harmful impacts on our environment: from erosion of land and chemical leakage into water supplies, to dramatically changing air quality and loss of biodiversity. The extraction techniques sometimes include stripping the surface soil and using chemicals that can cause the formation of sinkholes, contamination of soil and alteration of a given region’s ecosystem.

Due to the use of open pit mining and cyanide heap leaching, this process produces a gray liquid sludge, containing cyanide and toxic heavy metals, that are often dumped into natural water bodies. To give you an example, the Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea releases 5 million tons of toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean every year. 


Vintage jewelry means none of the extraction and mining techniques will be utilized. If you’re buying vintage fine jewelry, which as a rule of thumb is characterized by outstanding durability, you’re also increasing the lifespan of the gorgeous jewelry pieces without creating any need for further pollution of air, soil and water. 

DSF Antique Jewelry is based in New York and specializes in a wide range of antique, vintage and estate jewelry and objects. The pieces DSF Antique Jewelry sells are always the finest examples and in the finest condition. If DSF Antique Jewelry sells an antique jewelry piece rest assured that it is the finest of its type, and the best workmanship.


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