Retail Customer experience & the impact of single pricing

Mark A. Carlson


When buyers in the United kingdom realised that retail huge Marks and Spencer was charging diverse charges for items bought in-store to people acquired as a result of its on the web shipping arm, Ocado, there was anger and outrage.  Customers took to social media to vent their disappointment about selling price differentials of up to 40%, and the confusion of some goods staying a lot more high-priced on line than in-retail outlet, and vice versa. For a retailer that has enjoyed an enviably sturdy reputation with the buying general public, this retail consumer experience was a massive blow to its status.

This is just just one example of the dangers of stores hanging on to idea of different pricing across different channels, and how strongly today’s consumers need the exact rate nevertheless they shop.

iVend aids shops employ one pricing methods.

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