Style & Colors of Footwear to Accompany with Your Outfit

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6th Street Kuwait! Choose Right Footwear & Follow the Fashion of Color Blocking

Women consume a lot of time when they are busy in shopping new dresses. Same is the case when they are selecting a dress from wardrobe. Unfortunately, most of the women overlook how to match the right shoes with their outfit. They prefer to wear shoes that balance the clothing, instead of shoes that compete with dressing. It is good to choose busier footwear with modest or simple dressing and try to wear simple footwear with flattering prints and embellished outfits. Find 6th Street code to choose Toe Pumps, Sandals, High Boots, Lace-up Sneakers, Mules, Clarette and Wedges to complete your dress perfectly. 

Nature of Occasion

You cannot wear high heel pumps to attend a variety of occasions. Obviously, the pumps are the most stylish and refined footwear but these are not comfortable enough to wear on regular basis. 

The occasion, environment and the time of an event impact on the selection of shoes. For office wear, it is absurd to choose glitzy shoes. On the other hand, flip-flops do not look suitable for formal event. For casual occasions, it is just right to choose flat ballets or loafers. To get dramatic statement, pick a pair of stilettos with denim jeans. 

Do not forget the location and time of the event for making your final selection. If you are planning for an outing, do not choose heels. It is better to pick footwear that you mostly wear at work. Avail 6th Street code to order Classic Slip-ons, Flat Mule or Solid Loafers for outdoor trips.

Shoes Selection in Different Seasons

During winter season, it is suitable to choose sandals for evening dresses. In fall season, select complementary footwear. Brocade pumps seem great with evening velvet dress than bare sandals. The suede boots are best to wear with winter dresses but do not give flawless appearance if you are wearing heavy coat. Leather pumps are the multi-seasonal shoes that can be worn in winter or summer season.

Right Color of Shoes

As compared to other colors, Black color is the most versatile and looks suitable with a lot of dresses. Women often choose Black shoes when they are not confirmed of right color footwear that matches with their dress. Buying colorful shoes make your wardrobe attractive. Follow some tips and understand which color of footwear look awesome with your outfit:

Color Rule

Gray Footwear:

Purple, Blue, Black, White and light color dresses

Taupe or Cream Shoes:

White, Beige, Earth Tones, Light Tan and Blue color outfit

Black Shoes:

Black shoes look great with all dress colors except a few earth tones and pastels.

White Shoes:

Pastels, Light Neutrals and White color clothing

Gold Shoes:

Brown, Red and Green dresses

Silver Shoes:

Purple, Blue, Black, White & Pastels attire

Get 6th Street code to match your outfit with the right pair of shoes on affordable price. You can either match the color of shoes with any color in the outfit or get a contrast by following the color rules. Complementary colors are helpful in developing a bold contrast, whereas similar colors generate a more pleasant look.

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