Vintage Fashion Jewelry Powerhouse Gripoix

The Thriller of Gripoix 

Gripoix is, strictly talking, the title of an atelier, a home that created poured glass. Parisian glass worker Augustine Gripoix was the initial who commenced to grasp the art of creating jewelry of glass, crystal, metal and synthetic pearls.

In 1869, Augustine Gripoix, the founder of the atelier, revived, refined, and ultimately reinvisioned an historical glass producing artwork. The method concerned pate de verre, melted glass, poured into moulds. At the time, the prevalent exercise of creating glass beads, crystals, and pearls was grinding glass to a paste, baking it, and then pouring it into moulds. 

Used by Augustine’s technique of melting glass and pouring it into moulds allowed for a more rapidly turnaround and arguably gave additional room for creativeness and manufactured stones purer in color, transparency and glow. In the early times of Gripoix, princesses and duchesses lined up to get replicas of their preferred jewelry, both as backup and for glamour.  

The Artwork of Gripoix

Copper alloy wires, the recipe of which by the way continues to be a magic formula to this working day, is shipped by the Art Metal organization, an firm about as previous as Gripoix itself. 

The wires are heated, twisted, and stretched to sort a mould, and then soldered with powdered brass, a exceptional procedure. The mould is then gold-plated, and the glasswork begins. 

Attention-grabbing reality: Some of Gripoix’s glass was equipped by the Bullseye Glass Co. from Portland, Oregon, which materials glass to Tiffany, as perfectly. 

The glass, that comes in prolonged coloured rods, is melted and poured into the moulds. Because glass is melted and not floor, the color and transparency stays intact, and pleasant coloration combos can be reached.


Some pieces demand over a hundred hours to make by hand, but the result is second to none: Gripoix parts that are 50 or even more decades old seem as if time has stopped in admiration and didn’t dare to scar the pieces in any way.   


Chanel and Gripoix: A Lifelong Partnership

In the 1920s, youthful Gabrielle Chanel approached Suzanne Gripoix with an interesting ask for for Byzantine jewelry, which required bold glass stones of glowing shades.

Chanel reproduced models encouraged by 16th century and renaissance paintings. Her criteria for the result ended up substantial the stones experienced to be daring, the intricate byzantine layouts experienced to be sharp, and the jewelry had to search freshly excavated. Gripoix didn’t disappoint and the effects were further than satisfactory. The legendary byzantine type of Chanel jewelry was born.

Chanel would frequently blend pure and imitation stones in a single piece. Organic and imitation pearls would often function in the exact necklace, ring or brooch. Gripoix crafted them in a chic way generating it difficult to convey to authentic from the pretend. 

Suzanne Gripoix also manufactured distinctive irregular pearls for Chanel an imitation of baroque pearls. The faux pearls were enameled in Gripoix’s workshops with mom-of-pearl to get hold of the exact tender shine that is a distinct attribute of purely natural pearls.

Famous Coco Chanel continued to be a lifelong client of the Dwelling of Gripoix, all the way till her passing. It was this romantic relationship that formed Gripoix, and firmly cemented the home as the standard for the optimum quality glass jewelry in the earth of vogue and glamor.

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