What after, Microsoft’s acquiring part of the Chinese social networks TikTok?

Mark A. Carlson
Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok | Financial Times

The TikTok deal allows Microsoft to play an important role in social media. The platform is welcomed as a jewel in the crown, and for good reason. The TikTok phenomenon affects hundreds of millions of users. Also, if sales increase by $ 1 billion, today’s value of MSFT stock looks pretty cheap and is expected to increase fivefold by the end of this decade. In 2021, also the valuation of the company will improve. Over the past few months, Microsoft stocks have undoubtedly had a good performance, although some traders seem to be worried that stocks should stop and fall, it could happen. 

Under such conditions, companies can still thrive: more work can be done at home than in the office. If the history of long-term growth continues, then stocks should be rewarded at low-interest rates or not. The Pentagon reiterated its decision to sign a JEDI contract with Microsoft in September. In December, Amazon filed a lawsuit asking a U.S. judge to terminate the contract between the Pentagon and Microsoft.

Impact of coronavirus pandemic on MSFT stock

Faced with the coronavirus, Microsoft shares managed to achieve sales growth of more than 1e%. Revenue exceeded the street estimate. Although the popular cloud platform Microsoft Azure fell 12 basis points from the previous quarter, the 45% increase during the recession is undoubtedly impressive.

This isolation helps Microsoft take action in many important areas. Some of these activities will become permanent habits even after closing. From this point of view, stocks will be held, especially if investors have a long period of time.

In addition to Bing’s long-term lag behind Google’s search engine, last quarter’s “More Personal Computing” also had small figures. MSFT also observed a growing demand for remote work and education on its superficial tablet PCs, bringing Surface revenue up more than 35%, an increase over an impressive 28% growth rate. The percentage observed in the last quarter.

Combined with Windows, this diversified business has helped increase revenue from more personal computing units by 6% over the past year. But today Microsoft’s main engine of growth is the cloud.

Microsoft faces stiff competition from virtually every industry in which it does business. Surface sales may increase, but they are unlikely to surpass the iPad in the short term. Google is unlikely to lose to Bing any time soon (Microsoft search revenue continued to decline in the last quarter). Azure is growing steadily, but Amazon is still the market leader. There are always new competitors ready to beat Microsoft. If you want to know more information relating to releases of MSFT, you can check at https://www.webull.com/releases/nasdaq-msft

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