Why You Procrastinate And What To Do About It with Patricia van den Akker From The Design Trust (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy

With Patricia van den Akker From The Design Trust

Procrastination is a natural part of running a creative business, but it doesn’t need to control you. In this episode, Patricia van den Akker explains why we procrastinate and shares practical tips for overcoming this habit. Patricia is the founder and director of The Design Trust, an online business school for designers and makers, and the creator of an annual planner designed specifically for creative business owners. 
Episode Description:

  • Today we’re talking with Patrica van den Akker  of The Design Trust (1:20)

  • What is procrastination, and how does it show up for jewellers? (2:00)

  • How does ADHD play into procrastination? (7:57)

  • Why are deadlines and time boundaries so important? (12:53)

  • Why do we procrastinate? (16:58)

  • How does stepping away from your work help you get more done? (22:14)

  • What is the connection between procrastination and imposter syndrome? (26:28)

  • How do you set mini-goals? (30:01)

  • How does perfectionism lead us to procrastinate? (35:23)

  • What is the thrill of the last minute, and how do we overcome it? (38:58)

  • How can the Design Trust planner help us stay organised? (50:21)

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