Charlotte Reedtz launches first collection

Mark A. Carlson

Danish jewellery brand Charlotte Reedtz has launched its first collection entitled Magic Wish. The collection is made up of 16 rings and 15 pairs of earrings that are all available in 18ct white or yellow gold. The feature of each piece is the chosen stone. Each stone within the collection […]

How To Lose Body Fat In A Healthy and Sustainable Way

Mark A. Carlson

Photo by Anna Shvets: Every man desires to have a toned, attractive physique. And why not? After all, a toned body enhances the lifestyle and decreases the likelihood of diseases. However, losing weight isn’t an overnight thing. It requires patience, dedication, and hard work. Eating a well-balanced diet, exercising […]

5 Tips to Help You Perform Better in Google Ads

Mark A. Carlson

For online businesses, advertising on Google Ads can be an extremely effective way to promote products or services to people actively searching for what you have to offer. However, ad performance depends on many factors, including the content of your ads, the keywords you use, and the landing page you […]

Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips 2023

Mark A. Carlson

*Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links, these help Ree with running costs of the blog Having a good lip care product that works on dry, chapped lips is key to caring for the thin, delicate skin on the mouth and keeping your pout looking perfect. I have tested quite […]

Christmas Gift Ideas With Fortnum & Mason

Mark A. Carlson

Fortnum & Mason are regarded for their great Xmas hampers every single calendar year, but they also have tons of unique gifts for property, foods and magnificence. I have picked out some household and elegance treats I consider they would enjoy, to support give you some last moment gifting inspiration. […]

Week in Review | Scarlett Johansson, Saint Laurent, Candice Swanepoel + More

Mark A. Carlson

Week in Review: Candice Swanepoel, Scarlett Johansson for David Yurman Holiday 2022 campaign, and Camille Chifflot for Saint Laurent winter 2022 collection. | Candice Swanepoel Photo Credit: fashionstock / Deposit Photos Scarlett Johansson celebrates the festive season with the David Yurman Holiday 2022 campaign, featuring the Carlyle collection. Saint Laurent showcases its Winter 2022 collection, photographed by Juergen […]

Zitcha partners with PwC to drive retail media market

Independent retail media platform, Zitcha has inked a collaborative relationship with leading business consultancy, PwC Australia to help retailers take advantage of the growing retail media space set to be worth up to $2.14 billion in the next five years. Zitcha connects the omnichannel media assets of retail publishers, including […]

Vieve Tan Modern Bronzer Duo Review & Swatches

Tan Vieve Tan Modern Bronzer Duo ($43.00 for 0.64 oz.) includes a darker, warmer hue on one side and a slightly lighter, more muted bronzing hue on the other side (almost more in the vein of a contour powder, though still quite warm-toned overall). The powders performed decently, but the […]

How Restaurants Can Combat Food Supply Issues

From canned corn to coffee beans, it has been increasingly difficult to get ahold of certain ingredients and products across the industry. Restaurants have seen everything from out-of-stock flour and yeast to a shortage of ketchup packets. Recently, Burger King had to delay the launch of its new chicken sandwich […]

St Petersburg Holiday Garland Bead Bracelet

  This St Petersburg stitch bead bracelet is like a holiday wreath for your wrist! Made with single St. Petersburg chain, the combination of colors gives it a Christmas holiday feel, but you can wear it all year long. I chose to accentuate the slightly asymmetrical nature of the stitch […]

Daring to be creative, while aging

Excuse me: do you happen to know who decides when we are “too old” to do something? I was reading articles about middle-aged Madonna, being “too old” to make pop music and it occurred to me that if I had listened to that ageist nonsense, I’d have never had a […]

10 Things 10.31 – Jess Keys

Happy Monday! We’re back with 10 things! So, the first 10 random stream of consciousness things as they come to mind today–ready–go! 10 Things 10.31 1. We’re going trick or treating with friends tonight! (Our first time trick or treating, obviously June was too young last year!) Not sure if […]

The Unsung Heroes of PAR™ Technology

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