Beginners Guide to Resin Part 2

Mark A. Carlson

Now you’ve learnt what resin is, the different varieties and what it can do in part 1 of our resin tutorial, it’s time to understand the important tools needed when performing with resin.

Although doing the job with resin doesn’t demand masses of expensive tools, you will will need some distinct devices. Most products are readily available at a somewhat modest value but other individuals are only house products which are simple to get maintain of.

Miniature Mixing Cups, Pack of 10

Mixing cups are crucial when doing the job with resin and these mini pots are best for mixing up tiny amounts.  Each colour desires to be mixed separately and containers need to have to be kept scrupulously thoroughly clean.

Aqueous Cleaner 500ml

Use Aqueous cleaner to wipe up uncured resin and retain equipment spotless.

Picket Mixing Sticks, Pack of 100

Mixing sticks are one more ‘must have’ product when functioning with resin, and you will find you get by means of a great deal! Inventory up with this pack of 100 which will see you by way of numerous tasks.

Resin part 2

Electronic Table Major Scale

Body weight ratios are vital when operating with resin, so arm on your own with a set of digital scales to prevent any mishaps.

Rookies Resin Established

A starter kit will choose the be concerned out of picking both the resin and the hardener and present you with the basic principles.

Micromesh Starter Package

A terrific very little set to carefully clean up up and easy down any rough edges on resin castings. Often do the job from the cheapest number grit to the best.

Resin Particular Tools No. Day to day resources and resources No.
Resin and hardener 860 031B Picket mixing sticks and cocktail sticks 860 132
Mica powder or colouring pigments (optional) 860 132N Masking tape or blue tack  
Plastic mixing pots 860 133 Barrier Product  
Digital Scales 999 88Y Kitchen towel  
Mask 998 067 Eye security 999 244
Acrylic blocks 860 032L Cotton Wool  
Silicone Moulds (optional) 700 567 Aqueous Cleaner 860 032B
Completely ready-produced, steel cabochon pendants (optional) 860 679 Abrasive polishing product E.G. T Slice 999 MZ06
Moist/dry paper or micro-mesh cloths in a variety of grades 999 DDA Newspaper  
gloves 998 077A  

So now you’ve learnt a lot more about resin and have the necessary resources, how do you use it? Get closer to being familiar with how to make jewellery resin and other resin things in aspect 3 of our resin beginner’s information or store resin products

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