10 Things 10.31 – Jess Keys

Happy Monday! We’re back with 10 things! So, the first 10 random stream of consciousness things as they come to mind today–ready–go! 10 Things 10.31 1. We’re going trick or treating with friends tonight! (Our first time trick or treating, obviously June was too young last year!) Not sure if […]

NOW Tests More Amazon.com Products

NOW (Bloomingdale, IL) has continued its testing of supplements from lesser-known brands purchased on Amazon, with this round on the popular mineral magnesium glycinate. Once again, the results showed misleading and inaccurate labeling and many of the products did not contain the claimed material, material form, or amounts, according to […]

NAJO Guides | Mixed Metals

Sterling Silver, gold and rose gold are beautiful in their own individual way, but when combined produce an breath-taking two-tone look. With an array of styles that can be worn for a variety occasions, the NAJO Mixed Metal Guide is here to help you decide between two-tone pieces such as […]

Kate Moss Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2022 Campaign

KAte Moss, Lily James, and Jourdan Dunn star in Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2022 campaign. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury Looking to the glam of Studio 54, the Charlotte Tilbury Holiday 2022 campaign taps actress Lily James and supermodels Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn. The trio channels 1970s vibes while posing with must-have products for party season.  […]

Does size REALLY matter?

Let’s talk about clothing and SIZES. I started putting on weight in my teens due to PCOD (undiagnosed at the time). I would usually wear an L or XL and many brands didn’t carry big enough sizes, so I did not buy ready-made clothes. Instead, I wore stitched salwar suits […]

Summer Clothing Tips for Kids : FashioNectar

Mark A. Carlson

With summer soon coming, it’s essential to understand how to keep youngsters cool and safe throughout the season. Except for the scorching hot heat on some days, there’s nothing you can’t adore about summer. Summer clothes are probably the personal favorite aspect of the season. The great majority of people […]

Is retail crime out of control?

Mark A. Carlson

[ad_1] Part 1 of 2: Latest Retail Crime Statistics and Inflation–Recession Impact Late last year sensational ‘flash rob’ pre-holiday events elevated concerns with retail crime. “On Black Friday alone, a crew of eight made off with $400 worth of sledgehammers, crowbars and hammers from a Home Depot in Lakewood, Calif.; […]

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