Diamond Ring Online Purchase vs Physical Store

Mark A. Carlson
Diamond Ring Manufacturer from New Delhi

Diamond rings are every woman’s dream. And everyone knows how expensive diamonds are. But despite this fact, still a lot of men and women tend to purchase diamonds as a gift, for marriage proposals and engagements, or they just buy it for themselves. 

Sometimes it’s not the price but it’s how your partner values you that really counts. A man who can sacrifice so much to be able to buy a diamond for his partner is indeed genuine. Buying diamonds requires a lot of checking and even researching before you can buy the perfect one. One thing also to decide on is whether to do diamond ring online purchase or buying it in a physical store. 

Before we jump into buying one let’s take a look at the factors we have to look into and remember to always consider these 7c’s.

7C’s in Buying Diamonds

  1. Color

Diamonds may look colorless but they do have color grades.The more colorless the diamonds are, the more expensive. Choose a color that would fit your receiver’s choice. 

  1. Clarity

Diamonds may have blemishes called inclusions. The more flawless diamonds are, the more expensive they are. If you can afford a flawless diamond, then go for it since clarity can affect the brilliancy of the diamond. 

  1. Cut 

The perfect cut for diamond is round. Round diamonds can radiate more and can preserve its brilliancy. However, other cuts are available such as heart, rectangle or square. Choose a shape that could impress your partner or your receiver. 

  1. Carat

Same as other C’s . More carat means more expensive. Finding the right setting can optimize your diamond more despite how many carats it has. 

  1. Cost

All diamonds are expensive, take note of that.The bigger your budget, the better. Since its diamond ring we are talking about. Be wise and take all the time you need to be able to choose what’s best for you. 

  1. Certificate

Authentic diamonds should come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America(GIA). This certificate contains the characteristics and properties of the diamond you purchase. 

  1. Conscience

Some diamonds are bought by blood money. To avoid your receiver to worry about this issue, make sure to know the origin of the diamond you will be buying. 

Next step is choosing the right store to buy your diamond ring. There are thousands of jewelry stores around and in a way, it’s become a challenge on where to purchase it. To help you decide where to buy your diamond ring let’s compare the pros of buying online vs the physical store. 

Pros of Buying Diamond Rings via Online Store

  • Cheaper by 30% to 40% from physical store price
  • Saves time

Instead of going from one store to another, you can just surf on the online store. Descriptions of the diamond rings are already in detail. 

  • Comparison between prices and designs can easily be executed

Just by clicking , buyers can see several different designs and prices. Doing so can make it easier for the buyer to pick one. 

  • Inquiries can be done through live chat

Most online jewelry shops provide live chat functions. Here, buyers can talk to a sales personnel to answer their queries.

  • Free sites to educate you on GIA grading

Since buying diamonds needs a lot of scrutinizing, equip yourself by reading or watching a lot of information on how to check diamond properties like a pro. Doing so can give you more ideas on what ring to buy. 

Pros of Buying Diamond Rings on Physical Store

  • Diamond rings can be physically examined as well as check the authenticity

Seeing the items personally is still far better than just looking at the picture. You can check the real color as well as see the details of its design. Comparison is also easier if you can see the product in actual. 

  • Warranty and Guarantee are given

When buying a diamond ring in a physical store, warranty and guarantees are given once you purchase the product. Having certificates of both can make it easier for you to ask for repairs if needed in the future. 

  • Delivery concerns will not be an issue

Since you pick the product yourself, you don’t need to have it delivered. Most concerns on online purchases are not getting the right item or not receiving it at all. This will not be an issue if you purchase at a physical store. 

Now that points are given it is up to you to decide where to buy your diamond rings. What matters is they are authentic, price is good and the future owner of the diamond ring will be satisfied with the choices you made.  

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