Tips to have a fashionable and comfortable outfits to work

Mark A. Carlson

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Our work outfit is quite different from our everyday casual or party outfits. Appearing corporate to work is a criterion for employees in most organizations. Although your employer or supervisor might not necessarily say it, he or she is secretly taking note of your appearance at work. A lot of people mistake dressing corporately for dull, boring, unexciting, and uninteresting. They feel you cannot be corporate and still appear stylish at the same time. Their idea of being corporate is wearing oversized clothes with neutral and dull colors. However, this is not the case, as it is very possible to dress corporately in a comfortable, fashionable, and classy manner. With the right outfit in your wardrobe and the few tips we will be giving you shortly, you won’t find it difficult to look comfortable and fashionable in your outfit. For varieties of work outfits, you can check stores like DHGate (for women and men).


Give your outfit a pop of color

It is very common for people to associate office wear with neutral and basic colors. Although it might be the case for most work outfits, still it mustn’t have to always be so. You can always add a bit of color to your office wear to make you look radiant and bright. For females, you can always add a red scarf, to your black dress to make it look bright. The men could put on a bright colored shirt when they are putting on a neutral-colored suit and pants. For men’s office outfits, you can check them out on Twillory (for men). Wearing outfits that have a pop of color, gives you a vibrant and welcoming appearance.


Put on fitted outfits

There is nothing official about putting on oversized clothes as corporate wear, whether as a man or a woman. Your office outfits should be in a way that fits your body shape perfectly. In case of an anomaly in the size of the length of your outfit, you should ensure the proper adjustment is done. For men, shirts with sleeves above the wrist, and widely spaced collars, as well as baggy trousers should be avoided.


Styling your hair will do you no harm

Some people see it as a big work to style their hair before going to work, but instead pull them back in an unattractive ponytail. If you worry about the time consumed styling your hair, then you can opt-in for beautiful and presentable wigs. As a man, you should also ensure you go to work with well-trimmed hair and beards. Looking bushy and untidy is unprofessional and could affect your working relationship.


Use a blazer/suit instead of a cardigan

When you are in a corporate environment, you should avoid putting on cardigan regardless of the weather. Cardigan looks unprofessional, and they are usually baggy. In cases of cold weather, you can opt-in for a blazer or suit. Blazers and suits look presentable and can fit in with almost any kind of office outfits.


Learn to use heel as a lady
It shouldn’t be strange the impart shoes have in improving one’s confidence in a public place. Foot wears are usually one of the first things that draw people’s attention in public. Wearing heels helps to boost a lady’s self-esteem, and give them a polish look at work.

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