From Runways to Fairytales – The Alluring Journey of Laura Howell


The journey of Laura Howell is a fascinating weave made of elegant, imaginative, and empowering threads. From her illustrious career as a print ad model, which saw her grace numerous ads, to her cute children’s book, “Book of Angels,” Laura’s life is a testament to creativity and imagination. This article highlights the alluring worlds of Laura Howell’s modeling career and the fantastical world she created with her unique artwork for “Book of Angels.”

Laura Howell’s modeling career attained greater heights in the competitive fashion world due to her consistent hard work. Her beautiful presence brought magazine pages to life and captivated viewers at every turn. Laura’s versatility and composure were featured in esteemed magazines. She represented brands like USA Gold, Wiley Sunglasses, Sledge USA Clothing, Eat Meat District, and Dave Ramsey Financial, making her a desirable brand inspiration. 

As a commercial print model, she was featured in several magazine advertisements, including Maxim, US Weekly, Playboy, and many others. She has also collaborated with George Jones, John Rich, and Carrie Underwood for a couple of international music videos.

Laura was a true style changer due to her ability to adapt various styles and themes seamlessly. She transitioned from an exquisite sophisticate to a vibrant spirit with elegance and ease, bringing each persona to life with her modeling prowess. She became an icon in the fashion world thanks to her exceptional capacity to engage audiences through numerous magazines. 

Laura Howell’s finest achievement, “Book of Angels,” is a magnificent combination of original illustration and captivating stories. With the enchantment of Laura’s original artwork, the pages are fascinating, with enthralling pictures. Each tale in “Book of Angels” opens a portal to a world where generosity, bravery, and dreams thrive. The book portrays the original acrylic work on heaven and angels, 

Books of Angels is more than just a children’s book; it is a gift of imagination and inspiration to young minds. Laura Howell encourages children to embrace their ambitions and trust in the magic within through her work, igniting the power of their creativity and love. 

Laura Howell’s “Book of Angels” and modeling print ads have a significant legacy of beauty and empowerment that is still felt today. Laura has become an inspiring role model for aspiring models and those who want to embrace their individuality. Her children’s book acts as a ray of hope, fostering the creativity of future generations. 

The journey of “Book of Angels,” Laura Howell’s captivating children’s book, and her modeling career is a creative journey that crosses the boundaries of fashion and fantasy. While her book spins fantastic tales that rekindle the joy of youthful wonder, her dazzling presence in print ads continues to inspire and delight. The legacy of Laura serves as a tribute to the strength of creativity, female empowerment, and the enduring attractiveness of innovation. Her writing and modeling talent will beautify the hearts and minds of everyone she touches for all time.

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