Legacies: The 10 Most Stylish Characters, Ranked

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As part of The Vampire Diaries franchise, Legacies has excelled at creating a dark, yet appealing fashion style amongst all of its characters throughout several seasons. The show, which follows Hope Mikaelson and her friends at the Salvatore School, captures the essence of vampirism and academia at the same time.

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All this being said, these characters and their style vary greatly as they try to define themselves through their clothing. Even while fighting monsters and Malevore, certain people in the show maintain their amazing styles and continue to develop them during each season.

10 Landon Kirby

Landon Kirby walks to class on Legacies

Landon, who is in one of the strongest relationships in Legacies with his girlfriend, Hope, is a complex character with powers that no one understands. He is always dressed in dark, casual clothes that make him seem like the mysterious yet confused teen boy he is.

After all that he’s gone through in the series so far, his style has elevated a little bit to show that he’s aged with his experiences and losses. Landon’s fashion sense is subdued compared to most other characters, but it shows how little he knows himself.

9 Alaric Saltzman

Alaric Saltzman, one of the smartest characters on Legacies, plays an essential part in this show. He acts as a father or father figure to many of the teenagers at the Salvatore school. His fashion, compared to his time on The Vampire Diaries, has changed to a more comforting male librarian type of look.

Because he takes on the responsibility of taking care of so many people, his clothing choices have reflected his protective and calming nature. However, he’s not afraid to put on a leather jacket every once in a while to show that he’s still just as deadly even after having his kids.


8 Sebastian

Sebastian no longer plays a role in the show, but when he did, his clothing always emphasized his vampire-in-a-romance-novel look. As Sebastian tried to get Lizzie to swoon over him, he used his antique-looking clothing to make himself both more mysterious and more timeless.

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Though it’s fair to say that he pulled off the old clothing, Sebastian didn’t change up his outfits that much and the way he wears certain pieces isn’t exactly accurate to the period that he’s from.

7 Finch Tarrayo

MG, Finch, and Ethan stand in the museum on Legacies

Finch became a regular on Legacies during season 3 and her style is grungy. She loves to wear dark eyeshadow and usually sports maroon or black. Her hair is always either shaggy or braided in an edgier fashion.

Overall, Finch knows who she is as a person and as a werewolf and her style reflects that. Even compared to most people at Mystic Falls High, her style made her stand out and almost foreshadowed her being a supernatural being as she doesn’t fit in with the normal crowd.

6 Lizzie Saltzman

Lizzie and Josie Saltzman hold hands in legacies

Lizzie has some iconic fashion moments every once in a while, but most of the time she tends to wear clothes that have more of a boyish nature to them, especially in recent seasons.

Because she is so tall and thin, she likes to wear overalls or patterned pants that emphasize this feature of hers. Since season 1, her style has evolved with her sense of self. As she’s gotten more comfortable and confident with herself, she’s started to dress less for other people and more for her preferences.

5 Alyssa Chang

Alyssa Chang with her unique style and a lollipop on Legacies

Alyssa Chang, one of the most powerful villains in Legacies, plays a huge part in the show as she works closely with the Necromancer and then turns on him with encouragement from MG. Her style is sophisticated with playful details that make her seem her age.

Alyssa is a huge fan of pointed collars and she uses pops of red on her usually neutral outfits to make them more interesting. She accessorizes and layers jewelry which gives her a polished, yet youthful final look most of the time.

4 Kaleb Hawkins

Kaleb grimaces on Legacies

While most men on Legacies tend to have more casual and lowkey fashion styles, Kaleb’s clothing is an extension of his outgoing personality. He loves wearing nice, simple chains and bright, warm colors that show how friendly he is.

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Even for formal events, Kaleb isn’t afraid to stand out with an unexpected color choice and he likes to surprise people with his more sophisticated clothing choices. It’s rare to see him in anything other than a button-down or a nice sweater, which also emphasizes his gentlemanly qualities.

3 Cleo Sowande

Cleo in the woods on Legacies

Cleo is another new character that was introduced in season 3 and she likes to wear tons of orange and yellow, which makes her glow. Her beaded necklace is a staple to her character and her hair in each episode tells a story of its own as she braids and twists it into making different styles and shapes.

Unlike most other witches, Cleo doesn’t wear normally pointed collars and instead opts for turtlenecks or shirts with higher necklines. She doesn’t fit the mold of most students at the Salvatore School, which is part of why her clothing is so fascinating to watch as her story unfolds.

2 Hope Mikaelson

Hope Mikaelson holding in axe in the woods on Legacies

Hope Mikaelson is one of the few characters on this show that still embodies the aesthetic of the clothes on The Vampire Diaries. She wears lacy camisoles and leather jackets as much as possible as she channels Katherine Pierce in style, but not in spirit.

Every type of supernatural creature dresses in a specific style that aligns with their personality and their powers, but, being the Tribrid, Hope embodies all of these in her wardrobe. She wears braids in her hair like most werewolves, leather jackets like most vampires and she even wears the occasionally pointed collar like many of the witches do.

1 Josie Saltzman

Josie Saltzman on Legacies looking unstatysfied

Josie is the most stylish character in the show because her style is a mix of dark academia and twee, which makes her look mysterious, but also innocent in a way.

Her hairstyles are super inventive and she tends to wear clothes with feminine details like lace, frilly edges, or pastel accents. Although Kaylee Bryant who plays Josie announced her exit after 4 seasons on the show, no one else will be able to fill her shoes as best dressed in Legacies.

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