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Mark A. Carlson

Linktree, Link in Bio and other services are ways to direct traffic to your webiste by hosting a page full of links. This is especially helpful when using social media sites like Instagram and Twitter where you have limited links allowed in your bio. But why use a third party at all if you can build a fully customized and branded page that – wait for it – actually links back to your own website?

Scroll down for the video instructions

Make a link page that has your own branding.

Enter your Squarespace site (hint – you can do this on pretty much any website platform including Wix, Shopify or WordPress, but these instructions are specific to Squarespace 7.0). If your chosen fonts, colors and shapes of button are already in place, then making a link page takes 10 whole minutes!

  • Step 2. Select ‘Blank Page’. You can select other pages too,  but personally I prefer to just start with the blank page – it’s easy enough.

  • Step 3: Hover over the blank text box until you see a little plus sign. Select that plus sign and a new menu will pop up. From this new menu, select “button”.

  • Step 4: Add as many buttons as you like! Keep repeating Step 3 until you have all the buttons that you want.

  • Step 5: Label each button for the action you want visitors to take – Shop for Jewelry, Shop for Engagement Rings, See our Custom Projects, Learn more about our process, See Our feature in Vogue – go to town!

    • In Squarespace, I like to select from the drop-down list of internal links. If you would like your links to go to something external like your social media accounts or a recent press feature than you can do that by selecting Web Address instead of Pages when you add a URL link to your buttons.

  • Step 6: Design the rest of the page how you would like it to look. I recommend having a short description at the top of no more than three sentences. Describe you and your business just like you would on your social media sites. I also like having an image of myself on this page to give it a personal touch. I do think that it’s a good idea to have a photo of yourself it’s one of those extra steps that helps remind people of the human behind the work.

  • Step 7: Make sure that the whole page looks like you wanted to look by selecting ‘Done’ and looking at the live page.

  • Last Step: Make sure that the URL for this page is saved with the same name as the title of your page. This link is unlinked to anything live on your site, so folks will only see the page if you provide the link. Insert it wherever you want people to be able to find you easily.

You now have a link to use that is fully branded with your domain name. Remember that linking back to your website whenever possible is good web and SEO practice for your business.

And that’s it! If you already have your branding in place on your Squarespace site, you can make your own page of links in less than 10 minutes! No more third party app in between you and the traffic to your website.

Looking to see how this works in real time? Follow along with this video.

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