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Diamond carat bodyweight

Diamond pounds is presently calculated in carats, particularly 200 milligrams. The word “carat” refers to the unit of pounds of natural and synthetic gemstones, corresponding to 1/5 of a gram. That is, 1 carat equals .2 grams. This price was established as the typical for weighing cherished and semi-cherished stones in 1907 by the Fourth Normal Meeting on Weights and Actions in Paris. The identify carat will come from the Cerátiοn carob tree. Its seeds have the exceptional element that any seed weighs .2 grams, i.e. 1 carat. In 1913 the United States officially adopted “carat” as the device of measurement for a gemstone, and in 1914 Great Britain and Europe adopted their case in point. In the 1930s most of the diamond and gemstone market converged on a standardized unit of measurement that is continue to in use today.

 Size, weight and value of diamonds

Sizing issues

Dimension plays an vital purpose in the diamond’s visual appearance. In addition to the carat excess weight, the diameter of the stone should really be taken into account. A popular misunderstanding is that half a carat is 50 percent the sizing of just one carat. In actuality, fifty percent a carat is fifty percent the pounds of one particular carat, but the difference in millimeters for a outstanding-cut stone is only 1.35 mm. A stone with an average fat of .50 carats will have a diameter of 5.00 mm, although a stone with an regular pounds of 1.00 carats will have a diameter of 6.35 mm.


The diameter of a common round brilliant slash diamond weighing 1 carat is around 6.3-6.5 mm. Carat fat by alone does not figure out the value of a diamond. For instance, two one-carat diamonds can be considerably different in selling price. The price of a stone is primarily identified not by its size, but by its clarity, coloration, and excellent of minimize. Given this, it is apparent that significant, flawless diamonds are scarce.

It’s also worthy of understanding that carat bodyweight can have unique values for different cuts, these kinds of as spherical, ” princess”, pear, oval, ” cushion”, “marquis”, emerald, “radiant” or “coronary heart”. Diamond can have much more carat body weight without the need of looking even bigger, and two diamonds of the identical carat fat can have unique size if 1 is minimize deeper than the other. In other words and phrases, it is vital to observe that carat bodyweight does not always suggest dimension.


Depending on the dimensions, diamonds can be divided into many teams:

 – Compact, with a fat of .01 to .09 carats

 – Tiny stones weighing up to .29 carats

 – Medium-sized stones weighing from .3 to .99 carats

 – Massive, or so-named “solitaires” weighing far more than one particular carat

 – Auction gems, as they can only be acquired at intercontinental auctions, above 3 to 6 carats.


Nowadays, it is probable to measure the body weight of a diamond with an precision of .01 carat on a specific carat scale. This can be accomplished both of those in a jewellery workshop and in a jewellery manufacturing facility.

But how to find out the carat weight of a diamond when it is currently set into an engagement ring. 

There is a specific formulation for carat body weight (CW):

CW = D2 × H × 0.0061 

Exactly where D is the diameter of the diamond  and H is its peak. The uncertainty of this method can be up to 10 per cent. 

This components functions for round-lower and oval-slash diamonds. For triangular, heart and baguette stones, the final worth in the system have to be changed by .057, .0059 and .00915, respectively.

The value of diamonds

Treated diamonds are valued according to the internationally identified “Tavernier rule”: the value of a gemstone is equivalent to the square of the mass (carat bodyweight) of the crystal by the base cost of 1 carat.

As a result, to acquire a .3-carat diamond is virtually two times as highly-priced as a .29-carat stone, and a piece of jewellery with a .5-carat diamond will charge substantially additional than a comparable piece of jewellery with a .48-carat stone. A 2-carat diamond is 3 instances a lot more pricey than a 1-carat stone, and a 3-carat diamond is 10 moments far more highly-priced than a 1-carat stone. This “development” increases up to 5 carats. A 10-carat diamond is valued at 100 times the cost of a 1-carat diamond.

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