Transfer Tape Tips and Mistakes all Beginners Make


The method of use may differ minimally depending on the manufacturer, but it is quite certain that in addition to the glue or gel for transferring the motif and the object you want it to be on, you will also need the motif itself. It can be an excerpt from a newspaper or magazine or any photo printed on a laser printer. You will also need a brush to apply glue, a ruler / plastic card or something similar, a piece of sponge and a container of water.

The base on which you will transfer the motif can be a smooth wooden surface, glass, plastic, hand-washed textiles, ceramics or porcelain. Of course, it should be clean, free of dust and grease. Note that the image must be printed on a laser printer so that the colors do not spill when you coat it with glue. To learn more about transfer tape for vinyl, read a few more tips and tricks below.

1. Use tape for marketing purposes

There are several ways to use this tape. Therefore, use it to improve the visual appeal of signs, buildings and other areas of the company. They are also used with stickers and craft projects. This is one of the best tools for commercial use, because it will impress potential customers or buyers.

At the same time, your space will get better energy, which means that employees will be more comfortable during work. Companies that want to use the full potential of these tapes should consider custom labels, graphics, etc. All you need to do is look for a company that deals with it and put stickers in a key location.

2. Simple design

If you are still starting, it is best to stick to a simple design for a while. In that case, you will not make much mistakes, because more complicated designs include much smaller pieces of material that require dexterity. This kind of design requires a lot of time. Also pay attention to the font, especially if you have an entry level cutter. It is not precise enough for a complicated design, so you opt for a larger font.

3. Material

Proper preparation for printing includes wrinkle removal, moisture removal and pre-shrinks. Before you start printing, prepare to ensure a good substrate for application. For example, a damp cloth will prevent adhesion between it and the HTV, but if you remove the moisture, you will get a nice and smooth look. This is especially important if you use cotton, because it will soak the most.

The best option is a mixed fabric, because that will reduce the probability of shrinkage and wrinkling of the material. However, there are cases in which it is not necessary to prepare the fabric. This refers to fabric that is sensitive to heat. For example, these are certain types of nylon. Then the preparation does more harm than good. Use appropriate means of preparation. Transfer tape for vinyl is also very popular option according to the HTVRONT. If you are wondering who HTVRONT is, it is a well-known supplier of HTV, holographic vinyl and adhesive vinyl, and the company name stands for – HTV is short for heat transfer vinyl; R for real, O for outstanding, N for never, while T for temporary.

4. Printing

It is important to have a proper printer, but also to know how to do the job properly. This applies to the printer setting, but also the image setting. For example, don’t forget to print in mirror mode. It is necessary to carefully cut out the picture, because if you do not do that, you will get too much transfer paper. This will ruin your design.

5. Carefully remove the tape

When choosing a place to stick the tape, do not immediately remove all the wallpaper transfer tape. First, peel off the corner of the tape and place it on a part of a certain base. After making sure that this is the ideal place for the tape, remove the rest of the tape and apply the sticker. So, first evaluate the appearance of the design on the surface before you completely stick the tape.

6. Make up for the lack of experience

The more you practice, the better you will be at this. So save the remnants of the fabric and in your free time practice applying it on a cardboard box or some other surface. Of course, you can always opt for professional help. There are many companies that deal with this and they will be very happy to offer you their services. They have a lot of experience and knowledge which means they will live up to all your expectations.

7. You only used one type of transfer tape

Regardless of the fact that you like one type of transfer tape, try to try as many as possible. Don’t stick to just one option, as you may miss a much better look. For example, take a few different types of tape in small amounts and exercise. This way you will be sure which type of tape really suits you.

8. Wrong side of paper

If you have not had experience with transfer tape so far, pay attention to the different sides of the tape. It is a common mistake for people to print on the wrong side of the paper, but you can easily avoid it. Make sure you load paper correctly in the printer tray.

9. You don’t have a cleaning tool

It is advisable to use a squeegee tool during the process. You can also use a plastic card or something similar for this purpose. It is important to choose an item that will help you eliminate any air bubbles that have appeared between the surface and the tape. Apply pressure on both sides.

10. Wrong tape removal

After you have placed the tape, you need to grab a part of the tape at an angle of 45 degrees and gently pull it back and forth. However, keep a firm grip all the time. When pulling the tape, pull it firmly on the surface, as well as when removing the tape from the surface.

11. Use a remover

Always have the tape remover ready, especially if you are applying a design to a t-shirt. Add a large amount of solvent to remove the material to eliminate excess parts that you have applied to the case. Mistakes are an integral part of your job and are likely to happen because you are still learning. Therefore, always have a solvent near you.


Transfer tape is a great choice for business promotion, but also for many other events. For example, it is an opportunity to make a family event even more special. Pay attention to a few common mistakes to get an even better result. The most important thing is to choose the right fabric.

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