What Are Salt & Pepper Diamonds?

Mark A. Carlson

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The best place to start your salt & pepper shopping is shape – do you love pear, kite, round, hexagon, oval, asscher cut, or even a shield shape? Salt & pepper stones come in every shape under the sparkling sun, so start here to narrow down your choices! Browse through our selection of salt & pepper rings to get an idea of which shape speaks loudest to you.

The stone’s shape will dictate the ring’s overall design, so if you’re going custom, this is a great place to start to bring your vision to life.

Curate by Cut

As with traditional white diamonds, the two most popular s & p cuts are brilliant cut and rose cut. What’s the difference? Brilliant diamonds are cut for maximum sparkle – their pointed base and many facets are designed to reflect light back towards the spectator for a blinding sparkle. Rose cut diamonds on the other hand, are cut with fewer facets and a flat base to allow light to move through the stone, resulting in a more transparent, candlelit glow.  

Why consider rose cut over the more popular brilliant cut?Thanks to their flat base and customizable facet pattern, rose cut diamonds can be cut into almost any shape – even completely irregular shapes. So, if you’re looking for a super unique stone shape, rose cut may be the answer!

Also, rose cut diamonds look larger than brilliant cuts with the same carat weight. Without the pointed bottom, all the carat weight ends up in the top face of the diamond, resulting in larger looking stone. Who can resist that!

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