More Fun Resin Jewelry Ideas | Some Great Tips for Making Round Globes of Real Flower Resin Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson
UK based crafter, SvetaFresh has tons of resin jewelry ideas on her Youtube.  Here is another of her inspirational collection. This set of quick tutorials caught my eye as she has some fun and great ideas as well as tips.

The first one uses a tiny zip lock bag as a mold.  Make a resin or polymer koi fish and pop it into the bags for a fun pair of earrings!

I also loved her easy idea of using colored resin on metal filigrees.  Work on a silicone mat for cso that the cured resin project lifts easily.

The alternative way as she demonstrated is by using silicone molds. These globe ones are difficult to use as you have to stuff inclusions. She doesn’t actually show the process of how she got the yellow specimen in.  But you can see how she stuffs the dried pink flowers in for the next example – you will have to choose the more robust specimens.

The third way is just brilliant. She uses a frame mould as well as two cabochons and combines them all as one as shown above.

She includes a clever way to fix a broken paint brush handle using a straw as a mold. But you can also try using various silicone tubing from the hardware store to get a good fit.

She also uses irregular resin pours. You can have a lot of fun with this. Try marbling.

Her last idea shows how she uses common household silicone sealant (caulking) as a mold. She uses pebbles as the specimen shapes. Once she made the colored resin pebble shapes she uses piercing findings as ring bands!  Very funky idea!

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