Save on Fuel by Having a Staycation

Mark A. Carlson

Gas prices are hitting record highs with no signs of coming down anytime soon. With that in mind, many Americans are rethinking their summer road trip and vacation plans. With fuel economy in mind, here are our tips to saving money on fuel by having a great staycation near home. 

Go to a National Park or Conservation Reserve

Are you a fan of nature? If so, consider taking a shorter road trip by visiting a local national or state park in your region. Don’t forget there are also smaller local conservation areas and regional parks as well — these can be found even in the most populated urban areas. 

Check out the National Park Service’s website to start searching in your area for a location for your next great weekend outing.

Explore Local Spots

This seems silly, but ask yourself if you’ve really seen everything your town or city has to offer. If not, start looking for new eateries, mom and pop shops, and even museums or small attractions in your area. There just might be a treasure trove of new, fun family experiences right in your backyard that you haven’t discovered yet. 

If you live in a small town and know you’ve seen it all where you live, look for a larger city or town in your region that might have new experiences for you to try. Perhaps you could attend a local live event this summer, explore a different town’s farmer’s market, or just experience somewhere new for a weekend. No matter what you find when you look, there’s bound to be lots of fun ways to enjoy your staycation right in your community. 

Go to a Local Spa or Resort

Is there a luxury spa or fun resort near you? If so, look at rates and consider spending a weekend there. These options are still less expensive than road trip gas costs and will definitely give you the time and place to disconnect from the day to day grind.

Don’t forget to check Groupon and other savings sites for deals on specific hotels and resorts in your area. 

Attend a Weekend Retreat or Workshop

Look into community events in your region and see if there are retreats, workshops, or classes you’d be interested in attending. Not only are these very low cost (or sometimes free), but they can be fun for the whole family. Check your online community bulletin or website for calendar events such as these that could be the highlight of your staycation. 

Regional Theme Parks

Look into regional theme or water parks in your local area. If there’s one close by, consider taking the family there for a weekend outing. There are often sales and deals on admission tickets you can take advantage of. Plan your outing a little bit ahead of time and keep an eye out for ticket promos you can utilize for maximum staycation savings. 

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