Top Promotional Wholesale Products for Trade Shows

With the 2023 trade show season quickly approaching, it is full steam ahead for exhibitors looking to stand out from the competition. Whether you call them promotional items, tchotchkes, or swag, handing out free products or giveaways can greatly attract and encourage attendees to enter your space.  The right trade […]

How to Texture Wire with a Chasing Hammer

Welcome to Lesson 2 in my two-part series on chasing hammer techniques. In Lesson 1 we learned to effectively use the planishing side of the chasing hammer to form wire. Today we’re going to learn how to texture wire with the ball peen side of our hammers. This post may […]

Anti-aging treatments for 30+ skin

So, you reached your 30s and your skin behaves differently as compared to before. If yes, then it’s the time to change your skincare routine and follow it according to what your skin wants at 30s. When you are at this age, skin reduces the collagen production and loses its […]

Visual Merchandising: Luxury or Essential?

By Ani Nersessian Maximizing profitability is on everyone’s minds, with increasing costs everywhere. While reducing expenses is the obvious step, this is when it is important to think critically about Return on Investments: When reducing the investments, is it at the cost of key returns?   Visual Merchandising is a […]

New retail: Experiential, consolidated & value-driven 

By Zuko Mdwaba, Salesforce SA VP & Country Leader. Gone are the days of referring to physical retail and digital retail as two distinct categories. Shopping today is increasingly seamless, with physical and digital channels having converged into one connected shopping experience. Zuko Mdwaba Connection, in this case, brings complexity as […]

Theodora inspired by 1930s mannequin

There has been no living with Theodora since she heard about a mannequin who was so famous in the 1930s that she made the cover of Life magazine. Great. Now my model has a role model. Cynthia, the star mannequin of the 1930s Theodora got particularly excited when she learned […]

5 Must-Attend Trade Shows in 2023

With the busy holiday season coming to a close, retailers everywhere are going to need to restock their stores in preparation for the upcoming spring season. Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to do so. February is a busy B2B trade event month, which is why we gathered some of […]

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