Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson

Both men and women love jewelry, not to mention the ones with semi-precious stones or special crystals, as they add color and personality to their everyday outfits. Vintage and antique jewelry will never go out of style, they will forever be appreciated for their elegance and timeless craftsmanship, so you […]

Size, Weight and Value – One2Three Jewelry

Mark A. Carlson

&#13 &#13 &#13 December 18, 2022 Posted by 12A few Jewelry Diamond carat bodyweight Diamond pounds is presently calculated in carats, particularly 200 milligrams. The word “carat” refers to the unit of pounds of natural and synthetic gemstones, corresponding to 1/5 of a gram. That is, 1 carat equals .2 […]

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